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ICANN Decision On .XXX Delayed Until End Of The Year

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XBIZ reports that the ICANN Board of Directors has agreed to delay a decision regarding the proposed .XXX sTLD until December, when the issue will be further discussed at a meeting in Columbia.

ICANN has decided to solicit the Government Advisory Committee’s opinion on the matter, according to a report on The

Please visit the above links for more on this story.

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October 29, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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Bree Olson Voted “World’s Biggest Whore” By Stern Audience

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Bree Olson was named “World’s Biggest Whore” yesterday morning on the Howard Stern show, as the blonde XXX megastar competed against fellow adult performers Ava Devine and Sabrina Deep for the title by sharing her most “whorish” stories. According to the Stern show’s website, a server crash occurred due to the amount of traffic generated by the contest, requiring phone ballots to be considered along with online listener voting. Bree claimed a $5,000 prize for her victory, $3,000 of which she said would be donated to the ASPCA.

Please visit the Howard Stern Show’s official website at this link for the complete story, along with pictures from the “World’s Biggest Whore” contest.


Photo Credit: XFANZ.

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October 29, 2010 at 4:57 pm

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Industry-wide E-mail States That Licensed Agents Will No Longer Work With Gay Talent

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The following e-mail has been making the rounds within the adult industry:

To all Talent, I expect that all of you are aware of the recent HIV scare that is now hopefully drawing to a close, though not quite all (though most) of the potentially affected persons are out of quarantine as yet, – we have about another week for that to happen and of course we all hope and pray that they do,

Recently there was an agents meeting attended by almost all of the licensed agents in Los Angeles,

The pooling of knowledge at that meeting revealed some very interesting and equally alarming facts about how and why this situation was allowed and permitted to happen.

Another agency (and a licensed one) had accumulated a group of approximately eight male talents whom they were booking simultaneously into straight movies and gay at the same time,

Many of you female models prefer not to work with gay male talent – for your own reasons and sometimes those reasons are increased risk of infection because of riskier sexual practice – whether on set in a professional setting or at home. This is understandable and reasonable.

Without any prejudice to the gay industry – the simple fact is – the gay side does not follow the same testing and AIM protocols as the straight side,

The gay industry predominantly does not test, – preferring to use solely condoms as its barrier protection, though even then there are ‘bare back’ companies where condoms are not used. Additionally our gay brethren – do not discriminate between HIV positive and negative performers – employing both equally and without discrimination, with a ‘don’t ask don’t tell ‘policy – that sees producers pairing like with like, – though not always. The condom then becoming the last barrier to protect –negative persons from coming into contact with a positive status performer.

Clearly then – a gay male working on a gay shoot one day and a straight shoot the next has completely defeated the testing protocol that we use on the straight side with full panel testing every 30 days and predominantly no condoms,

And this is exactly why and how it came to be, that a male performer from this same agency became HIV positive through contact in the gay industry or his personal life and came into contact with a number of female performers on the straight side (1st generation) who then worked with a number of male performers (2ndgeneration) also on the straight side, – all of whom were subsequently quarantined,

As mentioned before more than three quarters (¾) of these persons are now safe and clean and out of quarantine and we wait patiently for the remaining few to do the same,

That the actions of this aforementioned agency would result in this situation was so easily predictable and the damage that would result both personally to those affected and to the straight industry as a whole, in the current maelstrom of pressure from AHF (Aids Healthcare Foundation), Los Angeles County Dept of Health and Cal – OSHA, was so inevitable and so tremendously badly timed – it simply defies belief that this was engineered, – But sad to say it was.

The purpose of this E-mail is to inform you all of same and also of the decision made at this meeting by all the licensed agents present,

Such decision is as follows,

None of the talent at any of the licensed agents will be working with any gay male – who is now active or recently active in the gay side of the industry,

– Active by consent was decided to mean as having performed in a gay movie within the last six months, and in order to decide that where doubt arises – one’s best judgment and review of the available facts at hand shall prevail, – Of course female talent’s own decision in case of doubt would always prevail – as it always does – in terms of who you will and will not work with –individual choice will always supersede any other precedent,

The agents who unanimously made this decision did so – with the intention of keeping the tremendously successful testing protocol that AIM has set up for us – in tact and to keep all our talent as healthy and safe as we can assist to make possible. It specifically was not decided upon to cause any harm to – nor prejudice against the gay men and producers / studios in the gay industry. Simply put, we don’t play by the same rules and that makes mixing dangerous for us all,

Please if any one has questions – feel free to call Derek and ask away,

We do hope that this communication is informative and helpful.

Best wishes,

All @ Direct Models

Sent from my iPhone.

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October 29, 2010 at 7:14 am

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HotMovies Raided By Law Enforcement

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Adult Video News reported yesterday that over 100 law enforcement officers, including FBI agents, raided National A-1 Advertising (home of Wednesday morning. About 120 employees were detained for a few hours and released before noon Eastern time.

FBI officials have remained unforthcoming regarding the raid. temporarily shut down operations, but were back online yesterday afternoon.

Please click here to read the original story courtesy of Adult Video News. AVN later posted an update at this link. has also posted an alleged first-hand account from a company employee, which can be read here.

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October 28, 2010 at 4:43 pm

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Adult Film Performer Identified As Charlie Sheen’s New York Companion

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TMZ reported earlier today that it was porn performer Capri Anderson who locked herself in actor Charlie Sheen’s bathroom early Tuesday morning when the sitcom star went on a rampage and tore up his New York hotel room after allegedly believing Anderson had stolen his watch.

The 22-year old Anderson has appeared in scores of adult films, including titles from Vivid Entertainment, Adam & Eve, and Zero Tolerance. She apparently locked herself in the hotel restroom after becoming fearful of Sheen during his rampage.

For more on Anderson and the Sheen incident, please visit TMZ at the following links:

Photo Credit: XBIZ.

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October 27, 2010 at 10:43 pm

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Cal/OSHA Advisory Meeting Recap

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Mark Kernes of Adult Video News has written a tremendous review of Monday’s meeting of the CalOsha Advisory Committee’s meeting on blood borne pathogens in the adult film industry.

The meeting was attended by approximately 50 people, including representatives from AIM, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, San Francisco’s St. James Infirmary Clinic, and Treasure Island Media. Both attorney Paul Cambria – representing several adult film companies – and AHF general counsel Brian Chase delivered speeches at the meeting.

You can read Kernes’ recap of the hearing courtesy of AVN at this link.

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October 27, 2010 at 6:11 am

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AVN Introduces New Awards Category

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Adult Video News is reporting that AVN Media Network has decided to introduce a new category for Best Web Premiere as part of the 2011 awards ceremony.

Qualifications for the new category require the original content to have debuted online between October 1, 2009 and October 31, 2010 and must be a stand-alone short or series that has been released exclusively on a web page.

For the complete story, please visit AVN at this link.


Photo Credit: Adult Video News.

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October 27, 2010 at 5:45 am

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Adult Industry Talents Post Important Vids On HIV Scare

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Adult film actress Lexi Love and former XXX talent and current webcam performer Monica Foster have both posted tremendous videos recently addressing the “Patient Zero” industry story of the past couple weeks.

All of these videos are very informative and must-watches in my opinion, and can be found at the following links:

Monica at Home (October 13, 15, and 18 entries)

Lexi Love Ustream video (Q & A on HIV in the adult industry)

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October 25, 2010 at 8:53 pm

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More Good News On The HIV Scare Front

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The L.A. Times reported on Friday that all adult film performers who worked with an HIV positive actor have tested negative for the disease, according to officials at a San Fernando clinic.

Vivid Entertainment co-founder Steven Hirsch was notified of the test results on Friday. Vivid and many other major porn companies suspended film productions earlier this month when it was revealed that the infected individual – known as “Patient Zero” – had tested positive for HIV. A quarantine list of performers who had worked with the actor – known as “first-generation” exposures – was created and all talent on the list were tested.

You can check out the full story courtesy of the L.A. Times at this link.

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October 25, 2010 at 9:24 am

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XXX Wasteland Exclusive Interview: Bree Olson

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XXX superstar Bree Olson has set the adult entertainment world on fire since her debut in 2006. The blonde Indiana native’s stunning looks and blazing on-camera performances have garnered her heaps of loyal fans and a host of industry awards, including honors from AVN and XBIZ.

Bree kindly granted XXX Wasteland an interview to discuss her recent departure from Adam & Eve Pictures, starring in X-Play’s upcoming parody film, The Bionic Woman/Six Million Dollar Man, the recent HIV scare within the adult industry, and more.

(Special thanks to Chris Caine of Foxxx Modeling for arranging the interview)

You just finished shooting a parody for X-Play. Can you tell us about the film?

Yeah, The Bionic Woman/Six Million Dollar Man. That was with X-Play, as you said. It was really fun. It was the first feature film I’ve done since I’ve been out of my contract with Adam & Eve. I’ve shot the gonzo-esque type of things, but this was the first with the script and the dialogue. It was really cool. We had all the running sequences and we did greenscreen. The cast and crew were so funny and so fun to work with. The director was right there adding stuff on the spot. He was like, “Oh, let’s do this” and “Oh, this would be really funny.” We were just cracking up and it was a really good time. I hadn’t had that much fun on set in a long time, so it was good.

Nice. As you mentioned, you recently parted ways with the Adam & Eve studio. Can you touch on that a bit?

Yeah. The first year I was in the industry, I was freelance – I worked for all kinds of different companies. I had several offers in that first year and I felt Adam & Eve would be the best choice, so I went with them. I had a three-year run with them. It was good, I had a good time. But, I just felt that while I am still in the industry I wanted to make sure to shoot for other companies, because I was exclusive with Adam & Eve and I wasn’t able to shoot with anyone else the entire time I was with them. And I knew that there were other people who wanted to shoot me and I wanted to shoot with other people again. So, basically, just to get back out there and have a bit of variety again – shoot with different types of people, different styles, and everything. That just touches more fans and makes everyone happy altogether. So, I was happy to get back to doing that again and back to being “Naughty Bree”.

Have any studios contacted you since your departure from A & E to work exclusively for them?

No. And I’m glad, because I would just tell them, “No.” (Laughs)

You would rather just be a free agent?

That’s the whole point, yeah. I don’t want to do that.

As one of the biggest stars in the adult industry, I wanted to get your thoughts and opinions on the recent HIV scare within the business. Do you personally feel safe when performing on sets and do you think enough is done to protect the welfare of the talent?

Well, it’s a really horrible situation and I’m not going to try and downplay it at all. It’s obviously something that is real and is out there. However, we were educated right when it happened on what type of performer it was – someone on the gay side and they were working with straight people. It’s just a well-known fact – and I’m not trying to discriminate, I have gay friends and everything – but it is well-known that they are carrying it, that they’re not as careful on their sets, and it’s coming out that they don’t test as often on their sets. And then they come over and they worked with some straight girls. AIM (Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation) – the company that tests all of us in the industry – they’re really great, they were on top of it, and they made sure to let everyone know right away. The person was obviously taken off of the AIM site and the people who were quarantined were taken off of the site. It was contained so quickly and taken care of, and everyone – even if they knew that they weren’t affected by it – everyone went and re-tested to make sure. And tested again. Since the news has come out, I’ve tested three times – and lot of people have. I work with a lot of the same people all the time – it’s not that I try to, it just happens. So, when I’m working with more of the top-league performers, we know our responsibilities and to be careful when we’re off-set, because that’s another way you bring it into the industry. We’re all tested in the industry, so it’s whatever you’re doing outside the industry. Or, for example, on the gay side, if they’re not testing or being careful – or even if they are testing – they’re having sex with someone else outside and bringing it in. So, we’re all clean. We test all the time, we know we’re clean. So, it’s what people are doing off that bring it on.

But, I feel fine about it. Like I said, I work with responsible companies, responsible talent, and I feel safe. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t continue doing it. Of course, there’s always that risk and all of us know that there is that chance. But, that’s the exact same chance we’re taking if we were to use a condom with some guy we met at the club coming home – that condom could break. Anyone takes that chance the second that they have any type of sexual intercourse.

Another debate taking place is whether or not condom use should be mandatory on porn sets. How do you feel about that?

I don’t know. Personally, I don’t like seeing porn where there are condoms. And as long as there are companies who aren’t shooting condoms, I’m not going to start wearing them, because I don’t want to compete against the companies that aren’t wearing them, because what are people going to watch? They’re going to see the exact same scene – girl having sex without a condom or girl having sex with a condom, and they’re going to choose the one without a condom. Porn is a fantasy for these people and the reality is that when they go hook up with a girl, they have to wear a condom, so why would they want to watch that in the scene? I don’t really want that and I don’t like doing it myself. I don’t like having to wear a condom – not just the fact that I’m going to get viewed or not on my scenes, but personally, I don’t like it. I like the idea, because if we all wore condoms, there would be no need for tests, so you wouldn’t know who had gonorrhea or Chlamydia or whatever. And like I said, condoms break. Especially the kind of sex we have in the industry, condoms would be breaking all the time. We’re doing forty-five-minute-long scenes, this guy’s ramming me – that condom is definitely going to break. We would go through ten condoms. And no matter what OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) tries to say about the exchange of bodily fluids, it’s there, whether you’re wearing a condom or not. It’s just inevitable. If you’re having any type of sexual intercourse with anyone, a condom isn’t a complete, hold-all barrier. It’s just not. So, I think it’s best that we test. I think we’re on the right program now. I think that’s why it’s lasted so long – because it’s what works.

I read recently on your Twitter account that you had gone on a vegan diet and lost 22 pounds, is that right?

I’m up to 30 pounds now.

Oh, wow. I just wanted to ask what made you decide to go on the diet.

I read this amazing book – I’m going to give them a plug, because I’m sure they don’t mind – it’s called Skinny Bitch. I had just gotten to a point in my life where I was so unhappy with my body, unhappy with the way I looked. I was like, “It’s time to diet. It’s time to do something.” I remember I had eaten Pizza Hut that day, I’d had my favorite burger joint – I was just hardcore, I just ate whatever I wanted. I can’t believe I wasn’t 300 pounds the way I ate. I was just laying in bed and on my iPhone we have iBooks. I just got on iBooks and searched diets and this diet came up. And I was like, “’Skinny Bitch’? I want to be a skinny bitch!” So, I was like, “I’ll buy it – spend eleven bucks.” And I sat there and I read it on my phone – I read the whole thing front to back in one night. I woke up the next day – and I didn’t know it was going to be about veganism – and it changed not only my diet, but my whole attitude. Just everything overall – the way I view things. I was like, “You know what? I can do this.” It gave me the willpower to say, “I’m going to watch what I put into my body.” It’s not only the vegan aspect – I don’t eat processed foods anymore, I don’t eat preservatives anymore, or anything. I try to eat as raw as possible. I, of course, still indulge. Sometimes I’ll go to a vegan restaurant and get something that may not be the healthiest thing for me, like a vegan lasagna or something. But I still try and stay away from even cooked food, because vegetables have the most nutrients in them before they’re cooked. So, I try to eat as raw as possible. It was just the diet alone that I lost the weight, and exercising as well. But, the main contributor was definitely the vegan lifestyle. It just fell right off. And people are joking with me on set – they’re like, “You’re at your leanest, Bree.” (Laughs) I’ve got people telling me, “You look better than you did when you first got in (the industry).” It brings such a huge smile to my face. I never thought I would be this size again. I gave up hope just last year, because I had been bigger for a while. I gave my clothes away to a whole bunch of my little girlfriends. Like the whole closet – just all my skinny clothes that I had hoped to fit back into, I gave them all away. All I have left is all my oversized clothes and I feel like calling them all back and saying, “Can I have all my skinny clothes back”? (Laughs)

(Laughs) You have to buy a whole new wardrobe now, eh?

Yeah, exactly. But, I’m a girl – I can’t complain about that. “Oh, darn. I have to go and buy all new clothes. Oh, fuck.” (Laughs)

I wanted to ask you about the diet because while I think it’s excellent that you accomplished so much and are happy, I was just surprised that you were unhappy with how you looked before.

I mean … I was just a little too thick, I think. I would see the comments that people would leave … even me walking down AVN last year and I would see the things people were saying. I was like, “Really? Am I that big?”

People were saying things about your weight?

Yeah. And me living in Indiana, I don’t seem big at all, because people are just larger in Indiana. You come here to Hollywood and L.A. and it’s a whole different ballgame. But back home, I definitely thought I was fine. I looked at myself on camera – and the camera adds weight to you, too – and I was like, “I do look bigger.” After I read the book, it wasn’t about pressure – about losing weight. That’s why I never did it before – because I felt so much pressure from other people. And after I read the book, I was like, “I’m doing this for me.” That’s why I was able to be successful and that’s why I’m still able to be completely vegan. I have no desire to eat meat. They just ordered from my favorite pizza place on set the other day and I wasn’t tempted in the slightest. I’m just sitting there eating my nuts and berries and they’re mowing down on what used to be my favorite pizza. Like I said, it just changed my life. And they have the male version of that book too called The Skinny Bastard. It’s a really good book.

You had a house custom-built earlier this year, is that right?

Yeah, I moved in July.

Can you tell us a little bit about that?

It’s great, because if my house were here in L.A., I don’t know how much a house like that would cost. It was so cool – number one, because some girls leave the industry and they’re really sour about it. You hear all these bad stories from these girls – “Oh, the industry never did anything for me.” And I just feel like making a video on YouTube and being like, “Look at what I did. Porn bought my house.” (Laughs)

It was just so cool. I custom-built it. I sat down with the architect and said, “Okay, this is what I want.” Just down to everything: Down to built-in hampers in my closet, down to jewelry drawers that you pull out in the closet, the shoe racks – everything is built into the house, and it’s just total Bree.

I cook all the time, so I have all of the neat little nooks and crannies all over the place and it’s just totally me. It was just so cool to be able to do that and I just love it. It’s in a great location in Indiana. I have woods around me, I have a pond. I also had landscapers come in and put a koi pond, so I have my koi fish and stone paths leading through it. It’s like complete tranquility. I just love it.

Yeah, I just thought that was awesome.

It was so much fun. And anyone living in Indiana who are building houses like that, they’re in their forties and fifties. It makes me feel so good that I accomplished this in my early-twenties. Like I said, anyone who says porn is bad … I’m like, “It’s been good to me. I don’t know what you’re talking about!” (Laughs)

It is a great accomplishment. And it shows that porn is like anything else: If you are smart about it and work hard, it can pay off.


Are you still taking courses for medical school?

Well, I dropped out. I was pre-med at Purdue (University). I dropped out a little while after I started in the industry. It was really funny what I would do, actually: I would go to school all week, because I had full classes Monday through Friday. When I would get done with class on Friday, I would hop on a plane, fly to L.A., shoot, come back Sunday night, and go to school again Monday morning. And I did that for a few months. Then my grades started to slip, because obviously I was thinking about work too, and that’s a lot to do – to travel all the way across the country every weekend to do that, and also organize my shoots throughout the week as well. I was like, “You know what? I’m going to leave for a couple semesters and see how this goes.” And I guess people took a liking to me, and I kept getting requests to do more and more, and I said, “I don’t know how long this opportunity is going to be here. Let me make this money and then I’ll go back to school.” But, it’s four years now and I’m still going strong. (Laughs) I never did go back and now I’m like, “Eh …” I was in school when I was 19. I was going pre-med and I was a sophomore at the time. It takes forever to be a doctor and I’m so behind in school.

Plus, this has completely changed my mindset: One of the reasons I had chose pre-med was number one, I had an interest in the medical field. Number two was because when we went though how we should choose our classes, I saw that doctors were some of the highest paid and most needed professionals. I don’t know why people go to school and major in the trumpet or whatever musical instrument they do. (Laughs) But, me personally, if I’m going to spend that kind of money on school – because I didn’t have any help from anyone, I was paying myself and getting student loans and everything – I’m going to make sure that I have a great job and it’s going to be something that people need. So, that’s why I was going into the medical field. But, being the industry has made me think more like an entrepreneur. In Indiana, it’s kind of like, after high school, you go to college. After college, you get your job. And that’s kind of the mentality in Indiana. Here in L.A., you can do anything you put your mind to. You can open up businesses. The Internet is just exploding with things every day. There are so many different things I could do, so I decided to start taking online classes for business. Obviously, I don’t need the degree to do that, but I figure as much knowledge as possible will make it better – it’s not going to hurt anything, so that’s what I’ve been doing.

That’s excellent. Do you have any upcoming projects or appearances that you would like to mention?

Yeah, anyone who wants to check for appearances can go to my website ( and there’s my calendar that people can look at for free – you don’t have to be a member. And that shows where I’m dancing and everything. The first weekend in November I’m going to be dancing in Pittsburgh at a gentlemen’s club called Blush. And the third weekend in November, I’m going to be dancing in Tampa, Florida at Déjà Vu.

Other than that, I’ve just been kind of working all over the place for all these different companies. Elegant Angel just released a movie of me. It’s the first movie that has been released since I’ve been out of my contract. It’s called Bombshells. It was actually pretty funny because they hired me to shoot for Big Wet Asses and I showed up on set weighing 115 pounds, and I don’t think they expected that. (Laughs) I just think because of my slenderness and everything that they thought I’d be a better box cover. They knew they wanted to put me on the box cover, but they just thought they were going to do Big Wet Asses. So, we ended up going with Bombshells. I think the cover looks good – it’s on Adult DVD Empire and I’m sure any other sites that sell adult movies as well. So, I was excited to see that. I was like, “Oh, look at my tummy – it looks good!” (Laughs)

In closing, is there anything you would like to say to the fans and readers out there?

Anyone that wants to keep up with me on anything that I’m doing, I post on Twitter almost every single day ( Other than that, go vegan or go home, and that’s about it! (Laughs)

Wonderful. Thank you very much for speaking with me, Bree. I really appreciate your time.

Thank you so much.

Photos Courtesy of Bree Olson (

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October 24, 2010 at 5:34 pm

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