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Industry-wide E-mail States That Licensed Agents Will No Longer Work With Gay Talent

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The following e-mail has been making the rounds within the adult industry:

To all Talent, I expect that all of you are aware of the recent HIV scare that is now hopefully drawing to a close, though not quite all (though most) of the potentially affected persons are out of quarantine as yet, – we have about another week for that to happen and of course we all hope and pray that they do,

Recently there was an agents meeting attended by almost all of the licensed agents in Los Angeles,

The pooling of knowledge at that meeting revealed some very interesting and equally alarming facts about how and why this situation was allowed and permitted to happen.

Another agency (and a licensed one) had accumulated a group of approximately eight male talents whom they were booking simultaneously into straight movies and gay at the same time,

Many of you female models prefer not to work with gay male talent – for your own reasons and sometimes those reasons are increased risk of infection because of riskier sexual practice – whether on set in a professional setting or at home. This is understandable and reasonable.

Without any prejudice to the gay industry – the simple fact is – the gay side does not follow the same testing and AIM protocols as the straight side,

The gay industry predominantly does not test, – preferring to use solely condoms as its barrier protection, though even then there are ‘bare back’ companies where condoms are not used. Additionally our gay brethren – do not discriminate between HIV positive and negative performers – employing both equally and without discrimination, with a ‘don’t ask don’t tell ‘policy – that sees producers pairing like with like, – though not always. The condom then becoming the last barrier to protect –negative persons from coming into contact with a positive status performer.

Clearly then – a gay male working on a gay shoot one day and a straight shoot the next has completely defeated the testing protocol that we use on the straight side with full panel testing every 30 days and predominantly no condoms,

And this is exactly why and how it came to be, that a male performer from this same agency became HIV positive through contact in the gay industry or his personal life and came into contact with a number of female performers on the straight side (1st generation) who then worked with a number of male performers (2ndgeneration) also on the straight side, – all of whom were subsequently quarantined,

As mentioned before more than three quarters (¾) of these persons are now safe and clean and out of quarantine and we wait patiently for the remaining few to do the same,

That the actions of this aforementioned agency would result in this situation was so easily predictable and the damage that would result both personally to those affected and to the straight industry as a whole, in the current maelstrom of pressure from AHF (Aids Healthcare Foundation), Los Angeles County Dept of Health and Cal – OSHA, was so inevitable and so tremendously badly timed – it simply defies belief that this was engineered, – But sad to say it was.

The purpose of this E-mail is to inform you all of same and also of the decision made at this meeting by all the licensed agents present,

Such decision is as follows,

None of the talent at any of the licensed agents will be working with any gay male – who is now active or recently active in the gay side of the industry,

– Active by consent was decided to mean as having performed in a gay movie within the last six months, and in order to decide that where doubt arises – one’s best judgment and review of the available facts at hand shall prevail, – Of course female talent’s own decision in case of doubt would always prevail – as it always does – in terms of who you will and will not work with –individual choice will always supersede any other precedent,

The agents who unanimously made this decision did so – with the intention of keeping the tremendously successful testing protocol that AIM has set up for us – in tact and to keep all our talent as healthy and safe as we can assist to make possible. It specifically was not decided upon to cause any harm to – nor prejudice against the gay men and producers / studios in the gay industry. Simply put, we don’t play by the same rules and that makes mixing dangerous for us all,

Please if any one has questions – feel free to call Derek and ask away,

We do hope that this communication is informative and helpful.

Best wishes,

All @ Direct Models

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Written by Adam Wilcox

October 29, 2010 at 7:14 am

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