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XXX Wasteland Exclusive Interview: Angelina Valentine

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Despite her reputation as a “badass” among many adult industry members and fans, Angelina Valentine has won the adoration of thousands of porn enthusiasts with her unique look and take-me-as-I-am attitude.

Underneath Angelina’s strong demeanor is a friendly and approachable performer with a deep love and appreciation for her fans. The starlet kindly spoke with XXX Wasteland to discuss this past weekend’s Urban X Awards, the perceptions she feels others in the industry have of her and much more.

You can visit Angelina online at, follow her on Twitter under the handle @AngelinaVal666 and check out her FreeOnes page here.

Angelina is available for interviews through James Bartholet at Galaxy Publicity ( For bookings, please contact L.A. Direct Models.

(Special thanks to James Bartholet for arranging the interview. Photo #1 courtesy of Photo #2 courtesy of Industry by Rick. Photo #3 courtesy of Penthouse)

The first thing I’d like to ask about is the Urban X Awards. You attended the show this past weekend, right?

Yes, I did.

Can you tell us about that?

Well, I just started doing interracial, so I haven’t done that many interracial scenes. But it was quite different, I have to say. It was a lot different than the normal awards shows that I go to. It’s not really my area – my forte, I guess – because I’m not really a big interracial person.

It was different. Really different. I’m a rock and roll girl and I felt kind of like … (Laughs) I seemed like a little bit of an outcast there. But it was cool. Everyone was chill, everyone was really nice. It was fun. I had a good time.

Can you talk a little bit about your background and how you entered the adult industry?

I’m from Kentucky and I was dancing – I had been dancing since I was like 17 – and I danced for a couple of years. Finally, one day, somebody was like, “You need to go to California and make money.” I was like, “Okay.” The next day I got a plane with ten dollars in my pocket and never left. I came here literally with the clothes on my back and ten dollars in my pocket and made it work.


I didn’t necessarily come out here to do porn, I just came out here to leave Kentucky and get away, and porn found me. It just sort of fell on my lap.

Have you enjoyed your time in the industry?

Oh, I love it. It’s the perfect way to live. I don’t think I could live any other way than this. It’s perfect for me. I’ve always been very sexual, I’ve always been open-minded and it’s just an industry that I should have been in a long time ago.

I have heard and read some of the things you have said and you appear to be a strong supporter of the transsexual side of the adult business.

Yes, I am. I’m a big supporter of it. And I do have to say, Kimber James, a really good friend, she kind of got me into that. At the time, it was sort of looked upon as, “I can’t believe she’s doing that!” And then once I did it, everyone was like, “Okay, it’s not really that bad.” I stand behind what I do, I’m not ashamed of anything I do. If I do something, I don’t feel guilty about it. I go big or go home. I’m who I am, I’m not who everyone else wants me to be. I don’t go home at the end of the night thinking, “Man, I wish I would have done what so-and-so said I should do.” I do what I think is best and that’s what differentiates me from everybody else.

How would you compare working the transsexual side of porn to the more traditional side?

Honestly, it’s really not much different. It’s the same people – everyone has a dick. (Laughs) Actually, they are a lot more fun to me – they’re fun, they’re funny. I have a really good time and I have a good connection with everybody. I don’t judge people. I don’t look at somebody and think, “They have boobs, but a dick!” I don’t see it like that. I see them as a person and in that kind of world that’s a big money-maker, and I’m about my money. I support all the gay rights and always have. I’m a big advocate for the gay community. I think I’m a gay man living in a woman’s body, really. (Laughs)

(Laughs) Do have any specific aspirations for your career or a visual of where you see yourself in ten years?

Well, I’ve been in the industry almost five years and I am in school as well – I’m in school 12 hours a day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So, I’m doing both: Going to school and being a porn star, so I want the world to know that you can do both. Just because you do porn doesn’t make you any less of a human where you can go out and get a “real” job or that we’re not normal people, because at the end of the day, I come home to my dogs and I’m pretty normal. I have a life outside of porn and I think that everybody should because it keeps you level.

Everybody gets worn out and tired, and you do have a goal in mind. Somewhere along the line you have to think, “Okay, this isn’t going to go on forever.” You have to be smart about it and save your money up. You can’t expect porn to be around forever because it’s not a guaranteed job. It’s not something you can depend on, so you have to have a backup plan always. A lot of girls come here and they mess everything up. They’re like, “Yay, porn forever!”

People don’t last as long as I have. I’m not saying that I’m the best ever, but usually people don’t last as long as I have and I’ve made a really good name for myself, thankfully. But it’s not a forever job and a lot of girls come in thinking it’s going to last forever and the money is going to keep coming in, but it doesn’t at all.

I heard you co-host an edition of Inside the Industry a few weeks ago. You appeared to have a really good time and your personality complimented the show very well.

Yeah – people are always like, “Oh, my gosh – your personality is so bubbly, you’re so outgoing.” And it’s like, “Really? I’m just myself.” I’ve always been this way. I’ve always been outspoken, I’ve always said what’s on my mind. I don’t think it’s because I’m Southern or anything, I think it’s just who I am. I’ve always said what I wanted to say and I’ve never been ashamed of who I am as a person. I’m a lot more comfortable with myself than people are with themselves and I think the fact that I am comfortable with who I am makes people very uncomfortable that they don’t understand that.

I’m okay with me. I actually love who I am and I take a lot of pride in what I do. I work very hard to support myself. I’m single, I do my own thing and I never regret anything. It’s just a wasted emotion. When I do something, I put my all into everything that I do.

Do you plan to make more appearances on the show?

Oh, yeah, a hundred percent. The thing is, (James Bartholet) hosts it on Wednesday nights and I go to school, and it’s hard for me to ditch class every Wednesday to do the radio show. I’m going to figure out something where maybe I can go in on a Thursday and have Wednesday open for the radio show because a lot of people asked about me and want me there. And I love radio shows. I love talking – I can talk someone’s head off. I can talk and talk and talk and talk. That’s all I do.

I heard the program and you appeared to be a really great fit for it, so that’s why I wanted to ask.

Yeah, that’s all I do. I can get a mime to talk. (Laughs)

(Laughs) You just mentioned that you are in school a lot, but what are some of your interests and hobbies when you have some spare time?

Well, I love my animals. I’m a big animal lover. I spend a lot of time with my dog – I have a Rottweiler. He’s my life, he’s like my child. When I’m not doing porn, to be honest, if I’m not hosting a party or going out, I’m a big homebody. I love to be at my house, I love to snuggle up with my dog and watch movies. I’m a big horror movie fanatic – anything to do with slasher movies, I’m all about it.

Same here – I love slasher horror films, too.

Me, too. I’m seriously a big, big slasher movie chick. I love zombies, I love dead things. You wouldn’t think that. I am who I am. People look at me and think, “Oh, she’s so pretty.” But behind everything, I’m a big bloody, guts, slash-the-head-off type of girl. (Laughs)

How about favorites – TV shows, movies, musicians, etc.?

My favorite show of all-time has to be The Golden Girls. I love The Golden Girls and I love The Nanny. The Nanny is one of my favorite shows ever because Fran Fine is super-hot. I get a lot of people tell me that I sound like Fran and I talk like Fran. It’s not that I talk like her, I think it’s just that we’re both very outspoken people and because we both talk a lot, they’re like, “Oh, you guys sound alike,” and it’s really not like that. I’m not from Brooklyn, I’m from Kentucky. (Laughs)

Can you tell us one thing about yourself that you think would surprise most people?

Well, I love death metal, I don’t know if a lot of people know that about me. I’m a big death metal fan. I go to a lot of death metal concerts, get in the moth pit and mosh out. I’m just a rock and roll chick. I love to go to concerts.

One thing that a lot of people probably wouldn’t think about me is I don’t drink. I’m not a drinker. That’s one thing I don’t do and people assume all the time, “Oh, she’s drunk.” And I’m not at all – it’s just my personality. I don’t need anything – I get high on life.

I think when people see me and they think, “Oh, she’s so crazy, she has to be on something,” and I’m sober. It kind of hurts my feelings a lot, too, because once people look at you and go, “Oh, my gosh – she goes out and parties all the time.” If anything bad ever happens … I was in a car wreck on Saturday night. Nothing serious, but the first thing people are saying is, “Oh, were you drinking and driving?” I’m like, “Dude, are you kidding me, bro?” You can’t really do anything wrong without somebody assuming often times about drugs or alcohol. I’m sober, and it’s kind of offensive, actually.

Who are some of your favorite performers to work with?

I love Justice Young. He’s one of my favorites of all-time. He’s awesome. We have a really great connection and we’ve never put out a bad scene. So, for male talent, I would definitely have to say Justice Young and for female talent … man … it’s weird, because I get a lot of female talent that are intimidated by me. A lot of girls don’t show up to set because they’re afraid of me and it’s kind of funny. Yeah, I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my past, but everyone has to grow up – I guess, me, go to jail a couple of times – to realize that this isn’t the life I want to live. My past doesn’t make who I am today. Not that I don’t like girls being intimidated by me, because I do, but I’m more a scary girl like, “Oh, she’s going to beat me up,” or, “She’s going to stab me,” or something crazy like that. It’s like, I’m the nicest, cuddliest person you could meet. But I’ve got this persona about me that’s like, “Back the fuck off.” I’m a badass, so I don’t have a lot of chicks that are like, “Yeah, I’ll work with her! Whoo, hoo!” It’s more like, “Really? Is she going to be okay?” (Laughs)

Are there any upcoming projects in the works that you would like to mention?

I just did a really cool movie for Brazzers – the Natural Born Killers, one of my favorite movies of all-time. I got to play Mallory Knox, which was way rad because it’s my favorite fucking movie. I played the role really well and I don’t think anybody could top that, I don’t think you could have casted it any better than me.

I did a movie for Jules Jordan and Chris Streams with Nacho Vidal. It was an anal scene and I was really proud of myself because his dick is the size of a huge fucking two-litre bottle. I took it in my ass and it was great. I get proud of myself when I’m like, “Oh, I don’t know if I can do that,” and then it happens, and I’m like, “Fuck, yeah!” I get all excited about it.

The first interracial scene I did was with Lexington Steele. I mean, come on – his dick is the size of an anaconda. I went on set and I wasn’t even prepared. I was at the Gettys Museum with my aunt and they called. They’re like, “Can you go to set right now?” And I’m like, “Uh … okay.” So, I left the Gettys Museum – a family event – to go get fucked in the ass by Lexington Steele. Rad, huh? And it worked out better than I imagined, so I was all about it. I was like, “Yeah, this is cool!”

I give myself props because not only do I do porn, but I work very hard. I don’t have any family out in California. I have my friends, but I don’t have anybody family-wise to support me, so everything I do is all me and I’m really proud of myself for making this far, holding it all together and being strong. It takes a lot of balls to do what I’ve done and accomplish what I’ve done.

It is absolutely something to be proud of. To move from Kentucky to L.A. in itself is a huge life overhaul, but even more so to do it all by yourself.

And it just proves that I am as strong as I’ve always thought I was, being here and accomplishing so much. Just this year I started doing anal, so I’ve proven you can have tattoos, you can be a badass and you don’t have to do everything everyone tells you to do. When I came into the business, tattoos were like, “No! You’re not going to get any work.” It’s like, “Dude, it’s not the tattoos that aren’t getting you work.” Girls don’t understand that you get yourself work, not your tattoos.

I rocked my tattoos and I repped this look so hard that it’s now becoming that more girls are wanting to get tattoos and I really think I brought it to the industry, I really brought it to the table because I stood behind everything I believed in. I never backed down, I never got any of my tattoos removed. My feeling is, if you don’t like my look, don’t fucking shoot me. I don’t want to work for somebody who doesn’t like my look. I can play anybody you want me to be. I’m very versatile. I can do anything. Just because I have tattoos doesn’t mean I can’t do a scene that you ask me to do.

I stood behind everything that I believed in. I’m proud of myself because I didn’t give up and I know who I am. I love my tattoos. It makes me who I am.

You mentioned earlier that you are attending classes. If you don’t mind my asking, do you have a specific career field in mind?

I’m going for cosmetology right now. To be honest, it wasn’t something that I ever thought about doing. It was like, “Okay, I need to figure out what the fuck I’m going to do with my life.” It was three days a week and I’ve come to find out that I really enjoy it. I find out that people want to come to me because of how I look and they’re like, “Oh, I want to look like her.” Just my look alone brings in clients, so it’s beneficial for me. I have fun with it and my personality is perfect for it, so it worked out. I took a chance and it worked out even better than I thought.

To finish up, is there anything you wish to say to readers?

I want everyone to know that just because I have tattoos and am known as a badass, it doesn’t necessarily make me … my bark is a lot bigger than my bite. Once you get to know me, I’m not as wild and crazy as I may seem to be.

Very cool. Thank you for your time. It was very nice speaking with you and all the best in the future.

Thank you very much. I had a really good time!

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July 28, 2011 at 6:57 pm

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Galaxy Publicity Press Release: Alexander DeVoe Takes Home Four 2011 Urban X Awards

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(LOS ANGELES, CA—July 29th, 2011) Award winning director Alexander DeVoe, once again proves why he’s one of the industries top innovative and creative directors. DeVoe, who recently co hosted the 2011 Urban X Awards in Downtown Los Angeles with the beautiful and talented Nyomi Banxxx, walked home with four awards.

The award wins include: Best Big Boob Release for “Strawberry Milk Juggs” that stars the lovely Sophie Dee. Best Oral Release for “Alexander DeVoe’s Throat Injection 3”. Best Interracial Series for “Alexander DeVoe’s Phat Ass White BOOTY”, and Best Anal Sex Scene for “Nyomi Banxxx, Marco Banderas” for Alexander DeVoe Productions.

“I’m very thankful and grateful for my 2011 Urban X Award wins. The point of Urban X Awards is to bring people together, all people. I have believed in the process from day one and will continue to support the Show and movement as it grows. Believers make things happen. Empowerment comes from the word no. I encourage everyone to please participate in helping with the success of Urban X Awards. It was a great time with a diverse mix of winners. I definitely looking forward to number five!,” stated DeVoe.

Alexander DeVoe and his wife the beautiful Gianna Taylor, host “The Stilts & DeVoe Show” Every Wednesday at 1pm PST on

For more information on Alexander DeVoe and Alexander DeVoe Productions, or to arrange an interview, please contact the Galaxy Publicity office: 310 652 0770 or

About Alexander DeVoe:

Alexander DeVoe, started out as a performer in 1999, and began directing in 2001. Since then, DeVoe has directed over 100 titles. DeVoe has won several AVN Awards, including; “Best Series – Latin” for “Deep in Latin Cheeks” and “Best Series – Black” for “Black Ass Master.” DeVoe was recently the co host of the 2011 Urban X Awards with long time friend Nyomi Banxxx, DeVoe won four awards at he Urban X Awards this year.

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FSC Announces Testing Facilities For New APHSS Program

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The Free Speech Coalition has announced four testing facilities that will participate in the Adult Production Health & Safety Services program developed with the assistance of legal and media experts, as well as members of the adult industry. The new system was designed to fill the gap created by the closure of AIM earlier this year. has recommended the four testing facilities listed below. Performers that test at these locations will have their work availability results entered into the database. Producers and agents may then verify a talent’s availability status through the database:

Primex Lab. Located at 16742 Stagg St., #120, in Van Nuys, CA, with draw stations throughout California and Nevada. Performers with a prescription may go to any Primex facility and request a talent’s panel test.

LabTest LA. Located at 12410 Burbank Blvd., Ste. 100B, in North Hollywood, CA, with draw stations in Florida. Performers may obtain a prescription at any of their locations and also request a talent’s panel test.

Advanced Medical Testing Center. AMTC has locations available nationwide to performers throughout the United States.

The Healing Wave Center. Located at 16742 Stagg St., #109, in Van Nuys, CA. The clinic can provide testing to performers in addition to other limited medical services.

All of these testing facilities are available to the public. For more information on the new locations, please visit this link and click on the name of each facility.

The APHSS database is currently undergoing beta testing and a formal launch announcement is expected later this week.

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Adult Industry Members Respond to the Fall of Porn Wikileaks

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Adult Video News has posted a story documenting the history and downfall of Porn Wikileaks, the malicious and destructive website launched earlier this year that tormented numerous adult performers and employees by posting personal information and pictures of them and their family members.

PWL was eventually forced into closure due to the efforts of people such as industry blogger Mike South, director and filmmaker Michael Whiteacre, Internet expert Sean Tompkins, performers Monica Foster and Mercedes Ashley, agent Mark Spiegler and members of the Free Speech Coalition.

Diane Duke discusses FSC’s involvement in the battle against PWL here. Digital Playground exclusive Kayden Kross has also penned an excellent piece on the collapse of the site, which can be found courtesy of AVN at this link.

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Grooby Productions Press Release: Grooby Makes History as First T-Girl Exhibitors at Adultcon

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(Chatsworth, CA) Grooby Productions will have a booth at Adultcon this coming weekend, Friday July 29th through Sunday July 31st. This is the first time that Adultcon has had t-girls as exhibitors. The booth will feature some of the hottest girls from Grooby’s Shemale Yum site, including Domino Presley, Morgan Bailey, Amy Daly, Khloe Hart, Celeste, Michelle Austin, Sunshyne Monroe, Jenna Rachels and Estelle L’Amore. Famed Director Buddy Wood will also be in attendance. The girls will be selling DVDs, autographed photos and more.

“Trade shows like Adultcon are very important, because they directly reach the consumer and that ultimately impacts business with new visitors and potentially members for our sites”, says Owner, Steven Grooby. “Most of the attendees are the real fans of porn. Of course, the girls’ fans will come and I’m sure they will make new ones, too.”

For pre-sale tickets, show hours and other information about Adultcon, go to Media inquiries about Grooby’s sites and talent should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at

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The Rub PR Press Release: Julie Simone Does Last Public Appearance

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(New York, NY) Julie Simone will be appearing this weekend at Fetish Con in Tampa, Florida. The event runs Friday, July 29th through Sunday, July 31st. Julie will have her own booth selling photos, DVDs and her paintings. Additionally, she will be teaching 2 classes—Basic Bondage on Friday from 4-5pm and a more advanced class, Hand & Foot Bondage, on Saturday from 5:30-6:30pm. Julie will also be available for domination sessions, shoots and interviews in the Tampa area July 27 through August 1.

“More than likely, this will be my last public event. I’m doing it for the fans to thank them for their wonderful support over the years,” says Julie Simone. “I’ve been getting so much domming work in New York that I have time for little else. I’m excited to be teaching classes at FetishCon again, especially the Hand & Foot Bondage class; it’s one of the signature elements for which I’m known.”

For more information on Fetish Con, visit their website at Media inquiries about Julie Simone should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at

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2011 Urban X Award Winners Announced

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The fourth annual Urban X Awards emanated from The Vault nightclub in Los Angeles Saturday night. The event was hosted by Nyomi Banxxx and Alexander DeVoe and emceed by James Bartholet with Lisa Ann handling red carpet duties. The ceremony also featured live music by death metal band Brain Dead.

The evening’s top honorees included Banxxx (Female Performer of the Year), Prince Yahshua (Male Performer of the Year), Lucas Stone (Best Male Newcomer), Gizelle (Rising Star Female) and Mia Isabella (Transsexual Performer of the Year).

For a complete listing of all 2011 Urban X Award winners, please visit Adult Video News here.

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OC Modeling Press Release: Nella Jay Signs With OCM

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(Chatsworth, CA) Long Island hottie Nella Jay has signed with OC Modeling. Known for her perfect natural breasts and amazing ass, Nella has made quite a name for herself in Adult starring in scenes from top studios including Elegant Angel, Hustler, Bang Bros., Reality Kings, Score, Voyeur Media and Naughty America.

“I’m really excited about reinventing myself and taking my career to the next level,” says Nella Jay. “I’ve been in the biz for less than two years, but my last agency wasn’t getting me where I needed to be. I know Sandy and her crew can make it happen.”

“We’re very excited to have Nella as an OCM girl,” says Sandra McCarthy, Co-Owner. “She’s hot and has the potential to be one of the top names in the industry. We’ve already had quite a few calls on her.”

Nella Jay is available exclusively at OCM for girl/girl, boy/girl, solos, softcore, print/stills, fetish and more. For more information, call 818.626.9550 or log onto their website,

All general media inquiries about OC Modeling and their talent should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at

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GT XXXTREME Press Release: Revamped

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Monday July 25th, 2011 – LAS VEGAS NV: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter this summer. Nina Mercedez official website has just been relaunched with an all new look and design. It has been over 4 years since has been redesigned but now since there have been so many changes and additions in XXX Exclusive content including Nina’s first D.P. the tour needed to reflect those HARDCORE changes.

Nina states “I have gotten nastier and more and more sexual since my Vivid Girl contract days and I give it all to my members. It makes me happy to give my members the best sexual performance that I can give” has been live on the Internet for a decade now and has seen many changes through the years, but this tour is by far the most exciting. is the flagship site for the XxxFastPass Network which currently represents over 20 of the top stars currently in XXX. Nina Mercedez has been in XXX features by Vivid Entertainment, Playboy TV, Hustler, Digital Playground and many others. Nina Mercedez has always been rated one of the top sites on the internet but now with a huge network and a design featuring ground breaking technology behind the site there is nothing standing in her way! Her official site,, is ready to take you places that you could only dream of.

Nina Mercedez knows how to fulfill anyones needs and she shows us here with a site that’s jam-packed with goodies that will leave you breathless. Features such as 100% live cam access, brand new high definition videos, instant streaming, mobile compatible, 100’s of exclusive XXX photos, archived hardcore web-cam shows which are updated three times a week and as an added bonus you’ll have access to the XxxFastPass Network which includes bonus sites such as, & and 13 others; 100% included in your membership!

“My website is the only place to see my newest hardcore scenes since leaving Vivid! I update my website at least 3 times a week plus you get cam archived shows almost daily! You are going to LOVE what I have inside!” explains Nina Mercedez. is operated under affiliate program. To Promote Nina Mercedez please sign up today!

Also, it’s now time to get your voting on! Exotic Dancer Magazine is holding their 14th Annual Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards, The 2011 ED Awards! Nina Mercedez is up for Adult Film Entertainer of the Year. Fans must register to vote, and it is free. To vote, register first at Then once registered, begin choosing your selections for each category. The Exotic Dancer Awards will be on Tuesday, August 23rd in Las Vegas NV.

Nina Mercedez official website:

Follow Nina Mercedez at

And her MySpace at

Any media inquiries or bookings contact Toney Tapia of XXXTREME Premiere ( at 856-397-6960 or via email

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Rising Star PR Press Release: Lisa Ann Named MILF of the Year at Urban X Awards

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VENICE, CA – Lisa Ann won the MILF of the Year trophy at the Urban X Awards Saturday night. She was also inducted into the Hall of Fame at the ceremony.

Lisa, who has won MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards; MILF of the Year from the X-Rated Critics Organization; Performer of the Year from AEBN; F.A.M.E.’s Favorite MILF; MILF Performer of the Year at the XBIZ Awards and many trophies, also hosted the red carpet at the ceremony, which was held in Los Angeles.

“Urban X is important because I am a huge advocate of equality,” Lisa said this weekend, echoing comments she made in interviews throughout last week. “I’m really, really honored by both the MILF of the Year and Hall of Fame.”

No doubt her wins over the weekend will be a topic on her weekly Sirius XM radio show, Stripper Town, this Tuesday, as well as Friday when she appears at the Hustler Hollywood in Lexington, KY from 5 to 7 pm. Lisa will also be featuring at Platinum Plus in Lexington this Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Lisa’s feature dancing is legendary and she is nominated for Club Favorite Entertainer of the Year at the Exotic Dancer Awards. Last year she won Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year from the organization. Voting is open to fans at

Lisa is featured in the new issue of GQ and in an awesome interview by Kassem G on YouTube. She will also be ROK’s World on the Rhyme and Reason show on The Beat, 92.7/99.3 FM in Phoenix this Saturday night.

See Lisa at Platinum Plus, 1101 E New Circle Rd, Lexington KY 40505, 859.226.9516, and Hustler Hollywood, 2240 Elkhorn Rd, Lexington, KY 40505, Watch the Kassem G Going Deep interview at The Stripper Town radio show airs Tuesday nights on Sirius XM channel 103 from 11 pm to 1 am (PT). Visit

For more on Lisa Ann visit

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