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Rising Star PR Press Release: Getting to Know Bethany St. James

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VENICE, CA – If you missed your chance to get face to pretty face with Bethany St. James in Las Vegas and Los Angeles last week, you’ll have every opportunity to get closer to her in the upcoming weeks.

First, now that she’s back at Sheri’s Ranch she’ll be blogging daily, following up on such heated topics as teachers having sex, the shocking response from some within her new fanbase and some of her deepest personal feelings about a wide range of topics.

So reading her blog posts is certainly a great way to get to know her, but for people who are ready to get to know Bethany on a more personal level, she will be at Sheri’s Ranch until September 18. It’s an experience that will certainly never be forgotten.

In the meantime, she has had some phenomenally intimate new photos taken while she was in Los Angeles last week with highly regarded fashion photographer Alec Arias. A whole new, never before seen collection of photos of Bethany will be coming soon to her website.

“The new photos are gorgeous!” she said Tuesday morning. “I can’t wait to show them to the world! They are so amazingly different than any I’ve ever shot before.”

Fans can also check out the Dr. Susan Block show from Saturday night at

For more on Bethany St. James visit

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August 31, 2011 at 7:22 pm

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Digital Playground Releases The Crib Starring BiBi Jones

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The Crib, the first Digital Playground signature feature film for studio contact starlet BiBi Jones, is now available in a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack.

In addition to Jones, the movie features an all-star cast, including 2011 AVN Best New Starlet Gracie Glam. The film is directed by Robbie D.

You can view a trailer for The Crib here. To order the DVD, please contact

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August 30, 2011 at 5:38 pm

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Pink Visual Unveils Revamped

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The good folks over at adult studio Pink Visual have launched a redesigned

A company spokesperson stated that the new layout is intended “in large part to more effectively highlight our latest products and social marketing campaigns,” in addition to showcasing the significant amount of media coverage the studio receives.

You can check out the new and improve here.

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August 30, 2011 at 5:17 pm

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Exxxotica L.A. 2011 Recap

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The 2011 Exxxotica L.A. expo emanated this weekend from the Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown L.A. In addition to the abundance of seminars and workshops offered to attendees during the three-day event, fans were given the opportunity to meet and speak with their favorite adult film performers.

Festivities included Digital Playground contact talent Stoya entertaining show-goers with three lyra hoop presentations and popular starlet Belladonna performing a pair of acrobatic acts in front of her booth using aerial silk bands.

For a complete recap of Exxxotica L.A. 2011 – including comments from various adult industry members – please visit Adult Video News here.

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August 30, 2011 at 10:31 am

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Jenna Haze Interview on PUMPSmag

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Adult Superstar Jenna Haze recently spoke with PUMPSmag to discuss her 10 years in the industry, performers she still wishes to work with and more.

You can read the interview here.

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August 30, 2011 at 10:11 am

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Adult Studios Halt Production Following News of Possible HIV Infection

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XBIZ reports that a number of top adult studios have suspended production in response to the news that an industry performer may have tested positive for HIV recently.

Digital Playground, Hustler Video and Zero Tolerance Entertainment are among the companies halting their shoots this week.

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August 30, 2011 at 10:00 am

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Adult Performer May be HIV-Positive; FSC Calls for Industry-Wide Production Halt

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Mike South posted yesterday that an adult talent who has performed recently may have tested positive for the HIV virus. Adult Video News has since picked up the story as well.

Meanwhile, the Free Speech Coalition has issued a statement urging adult studios to halt production while the matter is being investigated, which can be read at the AVN link above.

While the FSC has made it clear that the possible infection is not connected to its new APHSS testing unit, industry members with concerns involving this incident are encouraged to contact or

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August 29, 2011 at 11:38 am

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BSG PR Press Release: Assisting Talent, Models and Family During Hurricane Irene

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CYBERSPACE –, the Internet’s very first and largest BDSM web and mobile site, has opened the doors to its compound in New Hampshire for those in and around the East Coast this weekend who desire safety and security as one of the worst storms in decades, Hurricane Irene, begins to touch land along the East Coast.

“It is important that our compound, which is fully capable of withstanding some of the fiercest weather conditions, be open to everyone in our community who is in need of a place to stay as Hurricane Irene begins to affect our lives and the safety of our families,” said Colin Rowntree, founder of

“We already have talent and performers from New York, Massachusetts and neighboring states making their way towards our place on high ground northwest of Boston,” he continued. “Here they have a place to rest, food supplies, lots of generators, a dedicated internet line and everything else needed to maintain contact with their families while conducting their everyday lives with as little disruption as possible.”

If you are a fetish performer in need, even if you have not worked with, please contact the company at

The hardcore fetish site and online community has been the leader in genuine top-quality content for the past 17 years, creating high-end artistic images within a safe, unique and visually groundbreaking virtual network for the BDSM collective.

For more information about, contact Brian Gross, BSG PR, 818-340-4422.


Twitter: @bsgpr.

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August 27, 2011 at 8:52 am

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XXX Wasteland Exclusive Interview: Sarah Vandella

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Following a year-long stint as a contract talent for Zero Tolerance Entertainment under the persona Sara Sloane, popular adult performer Sarah Vandella returned to her XXX roots in late-2010 by reverting to her former stage name and resuming her career as an independent talent.

Sarah continues to make an impact in high-profile adult productions, including roles in Smash Pictures’ Bridesmaids XXX Porn Parody and the recently wrapped The Nanny XXX Parody from Venom Digital Media.

Sarah kindly spoke with XXX Wasteland to discuss her run as a Zero Tolerance exclusive, appearing in the Bridesmaids and Nanny parodies and much more.

You can follow Sarah on Twitter under the handle @SarahVandellaXO and check out her FreeOnes page here. She also anticipates the launch of her website,, in late-2011 or January 2012.

Sarah is a recent signee of Galaxy Publicity and all interview requests may be directed to She is available for bookings through L.A. Direct Models.

(Special thanks to James Bartholet of Galaxy Publicity for arranging the interview)

Can you give us some background on how you entered the adult industry?

Sure. I’m from New York – the suburbs, Long Island. When I was 21, 22, I started working in adult shops. I slowly and surely was very curious about what it would be like to be on the other side.

I started dancing and really took my time; it took me about a year and half from when I was dancing to when I shot my first porno scene. So, it was definitely something that I really considered; I put a lot of thought into it. I have to say that everything was on my own terms. So, I just went for it and four years later, here I am. (Laughs) And having fun.

You were employed by Zero Tolerance Entertainment as one of the studio’s contract performers for a full year under the stage name Sara Sloane. If possible, can you tell us about your time with the company and what led to your departure?

Of course. I was approached by Zero Tolerance in October of 2009. Originally, I inquired about them doing an interactive movie for Sarah Vandella and they came back and offered me a contract. So, it totally caught me off guard and it was actually really awesome because I was totally not expecting it.

One of the stipulations to being contracted with them was that they wanted to brand and market me – hence the name change. My real name is Sarah and I’ve always been very open about that, so I wanted to keep that as my first name because obviously that is my first name and I didn’t want my fans who knew me prior to the contract to be like, “Why is she calling herself ‘Tiffany?’” or whatever the silly name is that they originally wanted to name me. (Laughs) So, basically, that’s why the name change came about.

I stayed with (Zero Tolerance) for about 13 months. It was a very nice opportunity to do some traveling and feature movies and just doing cool things. But, honestly, I wanted to continue back to the name Sarah Vandella. I wanted to go ahead and do my own website, which will be launching this year – actually, I’m thinking it will be closer to 2012, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed – and I ultimately just wanted to return to my real self. Luckily for me, I have amazing fans and everyone understood that. So, that’s kind of it in a nutshell. (Laughs)

Who are some of your favorite studios and performers to work with?

Well, one of the great perks about being under contract was that I got to pick all my talent, so when it was up to me: Raylene, Francesca Le, Phoenix Marie, just to name a few. And of course, not to leave the guys out: Mark Wood, Mr. Pete … I got to pick everyone who is the best: Anthony Rosano … those are definitely some of my favorite people to work with.

In terms of studios now … generally, since the industry has slowed down, I’m grateful to just shoot for anyone who is still shooting. (Laughs) I love to shoot. Brazzers is always a ton of fun; they’ve always got these fun little scripts and cute little ideas, so that’s fun.

We’re doing parodies a lot. I just did The Nanny parody for Venom and that was a lot of fun.

Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Absolutely. I played Val, Fran Drescher’s best friend in the show. It was certainly fun to be on set with everyone. I got to work with Tommy Pistol for my sex scene; he’s Brooklyn and I’m Long Island. So, the whole time we’re just totally going back and forth with the accent, the whole nine yards. It was hilarious. We didn’t break character the whole time. The director was great. After everything was said and done, he looks at us and goes, “You guys didn’t break character once!” (Laughs) It was so funny. So, that was definitely a fun job. We just shot that about two weeks ago.

I saw a behind-the-scenes clip some time ago – I believe you were on set for the Jersey Shore parody – where you said that you enjoyed shooting that as well because of your background.

Absolutely. That was a ton of fun to shoot. That was one of my earlier projects that I got to film for Zero Tolerance, so that was a lot of fun. Mike Quasar was on set with us and he’s one of the coolest guys in the industry, so it was non-stop laughter the whole time and they picked the cast perfectly: We had Kristina Rose as Snooki, we had Ann Marie Rios, we had Lexi Love, myself. And of course, the guys: We had James Deen, Rocco Reed and Anthony Rosano, so it was a really, really great group of people. Definitely a lot of fun.

As a former contract talent, someone who has performed with many top studios and been around the business for a little while, what is one misconception about the porn industry that you wish you could dispel?

Well, here’s the thing: It’s easy for people to be on the outside looking in. For me, I’m on the inside looking out. I think the misconception is that we’re all millionaires and that’s just not the case, I’m sorry. (Laughs) I hate to burst my own bubble, but that’s just not the way that it works. There are some studios who are really good about residuals and royalties, and I just have to tell you, it’s such a backward industry, unfortunately. It’s just the way it started and it’s the way it’s been able to become successful because the producers and the studios are the ones making all the money, right?


So, anywho, I don’t have money coming out of my ass is what I’m basically trying to say. I’m an independent woman, I make a living and I’m very, very blessed and grateful to be in an industry that not only is fun and great, but I do pay my own bills and I do provide for myself. By all means, it’s a job, just like when I was a secretary at State Farm. (Laughs)

Nothing is easy. It’s hard. When you shoot a sex scene, you’re doing everything twice: You’re doing your video, you’re doing your pictures. So, you have to get dressed again.  It’s like double. Actually, I just did a shoot with Lisa Ann for Brazzers and we were talking to each other saying, “If the fans only knew what we go through.” (Laughs) It’s not like it’s a bad thing; it’s just funny because you want to make it look right.

Can you tell us where you were raised and how you would describe yourself growing up?

Sure. I was born and raised in Long Island, New York. My parents are old hippies; they’re awesome. They’re just liberal, good people and they basically raised my brother and I to treat everyone how you want to be treated and to do the right thing when nobody’s looking, because that’s when it really matters. My parents are really awesome. They are still married to this day; I think it will be 37 years in February.

Oh, wow.

Yeah. And I have a brother; he’s in grad school right now. Basically, growing up, I went to great schools and I had a lot of opportunity. My parents gave my brother and I everything we could have ever wanted without spoiling us.  They always taught us the value of a dollar and I’ve been working since I was 14 years old.

I had a pretty normal childhood and we did a lot of fun traveling and things like that. That’s why when it came time to go out to California from New York, it was nothing new for me.  I had traveled a lot growing up. My dad always says I’m like him: I’m an adventurer, I like to try new things and go to new places and meet new people. I guess that’s just part of my personality. (Laughs)

What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of work?

Well, I’m a huge lover of music. I used to dabble around with an acoustic guitar years ago; it’s something that my mom actually passed down to me, which every now and then she can still bust out a Leonard Cohen tune. (Laughs) I love music, I love to be outside, I love yoga, I love just a pretty normal life. I’m not big on the “lifestyle”; I’m not into designer labels and things like that. I don’t like fake nails and a lot of makeup; that’s just not my look, you know? I’m kind of a down-to-Earth girl. I just like to wear my hair in a ponytail and wear sneakers. That’s just me. I’m like a total tomboy. (Laughs)

But, yeah: Traveling, being outside, all kinds of things like that are fun. I want to go to more music festivals; that’s kind of a goal for this year. I saw some really awesome concerts this summer: I saw Motley Crue out here, I saw Fish recently, Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty and ZZ Top … that’s definitely one of my hobbies – Hell, yeah. (Laughs)

I believe we share a passion for a TV show: Dexter. Is that right?

(Gasps) I love Dexter. I can’t wait for it to start again – October, October! (Laughs)

(Laughs) October 2, yeah.

Yeah, that’s it! (Laughs)

Have you seen the video preview for Season 6 that they have up?

Not yet. I have to check that out.

It looks like it’s going to be themed around religion, where (Dexter) begins thinking more about faith and stuff. I think the lead bad guy and his professor … he’s some sort of religious philosopher or something.


(Laughs) Yeah, kind of interesting.

Yeah, I love all those. I like all the HBO ones too; I’m all about True Blood and all of that crazy shit. It’s fun to watch, you know? (Laughs)

(Laughs) Yeah. I like True Blood as well. Can you tell us something about yourself that you feel would surprise most people?

Hmm … I don’t know. Sometimes I get asked this question and I don’t really know what to say. I don’t really know. Sorry. (Laughs)

That’s okay. (Laughs) How about aspirations in the adult industry? Do you have any specific goals in mind or maybe a visual of where you see yourself in ten years?

Absolutely. Once I get my website up and running, I really want to focus on that as my sole source of shooting. But that’s not going to happen for two years, so it’s not like I’m not going to be shooting around. One of my goals is to definitely eventually only shoot for myself.

I’d love to be nominated for AVN Performer of the Year. That’s another goal that I have.

Ultimately, I see myself back on the East Coast years and years from now; obviously, I have a lot more that I want to accomplish out here in California. But, I see myself just kind of following my heart.  I’m just that kind of person. If I woke up in a month and said, “A, B, C and D isn’t for me,” or whatever the situation is, I will always be true to that. I always told myself that I will continue doing what I want to do until I am either unhappy or I want to move on to something else. Fortunately, I am still enjoying what I’m doing and hopefully by the time I’m ready to go on to the next chapter in life, I will feel much accomplished and looking forward to a new story.

Very nice. Are there any upcoming projects in the works that you would like to mention?

Yes, absolutely. Look for Bridesmaids XXX Porn Parody; I play the lead character, Lillian, the bride. You can also look for the Nanny parody, and that’s going to be Venom Pictures. And of course, should be out by January 2012 at the latest. So, definitely soon.

I’m still active in the industry, so you can always see me on major websites: Bang Bros. to Reality Kings to what have you. (Laughs)

You can find me on Twitter and my Twitter name is @SarahVandellaXO. And that’s basically it. (Laughs)

Awesome. To finish up, is there anything you wish to say to readers?

I just want to say to all my fans who are familiar with my work: Thank you all for your support. And to my new fans who aren’t familiar with my work: I hope you will get acquainted with it and I look forward to meeting all of you!

Wonderful. Thank you very much; I appreciate your time.

You are so welcome. Have a good one!

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August 25, 2011 at 1:42 pm

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Seminar Schedule Revealed for Exxxotica L.A.

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Victory Tradeshow Management has released its workshop and seminar schedule for Exxxotica L.A., which takes place this weekend (August 26-28) at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The complete schedule is available for viewing here.

In addition to the numerous seminars and workshops offered as part of Exxxotica L.A., attendees will also have the opportunity to meet with their favorite adult stars over a three-day span.

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August 25, 2011 at 10:57 am

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