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Opinion/Editorial: Bree Olson Didn’t “Trash” Anybody

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2011 Playboy cover girl and former Charlie Sheen “goddess” Bree Olson caused a firestorm on Twitter this past Friday after posting a photo of a beggar and writing, “STOP giving then money Fort Wayne! The more you give them money this place is gonna start looking like Skid Row … Fort Wayne has PLENTY of room in the shelters and almost every church has food shelter and placement. No excuse for him or the others here.”

TMZ ran the story later that day and Olson was lambasted by members of the media and Twitter followers (she has since taken the Tweets down). One respondent reportedly wrote, “Some people are more comfortable asking for help than sucking dick for money,” a reference to Bree’s recent past as an adult film starlet.

I don’t harbor any dislike toward the homeless, but I also see absolutely nothing wrong with Bree’s statements. Contrary to the opposing Tweeter’s comment, I disagree that beggars are legitimately “asking for help” by requesting money from passersby.

Bree was essentially saying that those on the streets should make an honest attempt to help themselves and strive for a better life – or at the very least seek a publicly available roof over their heads – rather than remaining content with being destitute. Quite honestly, if more homeless people heeded her advice, they would likely discover a better quality of life.

In regard to Bree “sucking dick for money”: Performing in adult films is a legitimate occupation. Porn stars pay taxes and support themselves.

Unlike, you know … people who beg for money on the street.

(You can read my October 2010 interview with Bree Olson here)

Written by Adam Wilcox

December 5, 2011 at 12:38 pm

Posted in Opinion/Editorial

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