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XXX Wasteland Update

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I wanted to drop in and update everyone on the status of XXX Wasteland, as many of you have likely noticed that the blog hasn’t been active for a couple of weeks.

I am currently dealing with some major computer issues at the moment and my entire operating system needs to be replaced.  Unfortunately, this likely won’t be happening for a while, so the website is going to be offline indefinitely.

I hope to have XXX Wasteland up and running again as soon as possible.  Thanks, everybody, and my apologies for the sudden disappearance.


Adam Wilcox

Written by Adam Wilcox

January 18, 2012 at 12:42 pm

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XBIZ Names Dan O’Connell 2012 Man of the Year

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XBIZ has announced Girlfriends Films Founder Dan O’Connell as its 2012 Man of the Year. O’Connor will receive the honor during the XBIZ Awards ceremony, which takes place this Tuesday night, January 10 at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica.

O’Connell is being recognized not only for the success of Girlfriends Films this year, but also for his devotion to industry activism and goodwill causes. The studio revamped its charity program in 2011 to include monthly donations to various organizations on behalf of performers and industry members.

Please visit the above link for more on this story, including an interview with Dan O’Connell discussing his Man of the Year award.

Written by Adam Wilcox

January 6, 2012 at 8:19 am

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XXX Wasteland Exclusive Interview: Adrianna Luna

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Adrianna Luna has made a considerable impact in the world of adult entertainment since following her sense of ambition into porn less than one year ago. A California State University, Northridge graduate, the brunette newcomer of Mexican and Filipino descent already boasts an impressive resume, including film appearances for Zero Tolerance, Evil Angel and other top studios.

An avid fitness enthusiast, Adrianna has studied Muay Thai kickboxing for several years and also began CrossFit training this summer.

Adrianna kindly spoke with XXX Wasteland to discuss her blossoming career in the adult industry, possibly transitioning into MMA in the near future, her aspirations in porn and much more.

Adrianna Luna is available for bookings through Metro Talent Management. For interview requests, please contact Alexander Raymond at

You can follow Adrianna on Twitter under the handle @AdriannaLunaXXX and check out her FreeOnes page here.

(Special thanks to Alexander Raymond of Star Factor PR. Photo #1 courtesy of Metro Talent Management; photos #3 and #4 courtesy of Adrianna Luna’s Twitter account)

Let’s start at the beginning: Can you tell us how you entered the adult industry?

Sure. It’s a pretty funny story, actually. I was working as an executive assistant for about three years and I just got to a point where I realized that I was kind of stuck in a rut and kind of where I never wanted to be in the sense that I was just stuck somewhere because it was safe. So, I was saying to my girlfriends that I needed to make a change and I needed to figure out what it was that I wanted to do – (something) that I was really passionate about because I wasn’t enjoying my job.

And so, one of my friends suggested that I get into porn. (Laughs) I thought that was the craziest thing ever because I had never really watched porn and I thought she was joking, but it turned out she was serious.

I was really hesitant, but I ended up meeting with my agent that I have now and she kind of explained to me all about the industry and settled a lot of the fears that I had in the sense that she explained all about the testing that everybody has to do every twenty-five days and she assured me that it was a really professional environment and that I was never going to have to do anything that I didn’t feel comfortable doing.

So, I thought, “Okay, why not? Let’s just try it out. I’ll do one scene and if I hate it, I never have to do it again and I‘ll just disappear.” (Laughs) But I ended up enjoying it a lot and I thought, “I could totally do this again.” So, I talked to her about it; I was like, “Let’s do another one,” and she’s like, “Okay.” I ended up getting another one and another one and there was just so much work that I ended up quitting the job that I was at and I’m just doing this now, which I’ve been very happy with.

Very nice. What are some of the things you enjoy most about being in the adult business?

A lot of the people I’ve met have been super cool. I love that it’s always different and that you kind of don’t know what to expect in regard to the sets and what not. You get to play a lot of different characters and they always keep it really exciting.

I like the flexibility in the days that I have also. And I just really enjoy sex too (Laughs), so that’s an added perk.

You entered the industry in March of 2011, is that correct?


You have worked for a number of top studios – Jules Jordan, Zero Tolerance and Evil Angel, to name a few. Who have been some of your favorite companies and performers to work with so far?

I want to say my favorite scene still was one I did pretty early on in my time here in the industry and it was for Jules Jordan. It was a boy/boy/girl scene in a movie called Slut Puppies 5. It’s still my favorite scene. It was with him and Chris Strokes and he had me playing his assistant, which was really close to home (Laughs), which is funny. I walk in on Chris watching porn and I’m like, “I can’t believe you’re watching that!” (Laughs) And then it just evolves into the scene. But I’d never had a boy/boy/girl experience in my personal life before that and it was just a lot of fun. I just felt like I got to have two dicks instead of one (Laughs). It made it a lot better, I guess. (Laughs)

You also appeared in a film for Zero Tolerance that I’ve heard quite a bit about called Gym Rats Orgy. It stars a number of other name performers as well – Emy Reyes and Kortney Kane, to name a couple. Can you tell us a little bit about that movie?

Yeah! That was a lot of fun because it was an MMA scene and I actually train in MMA, so I had always wanted to do a scene involving some sort of MMA kind of theme.

It was a group scene. All the girls were there and they had us do little stretches and working on bags and doing pad work and actually doing kickboxing. And then we start wrestling and the wrestling turns really aggressive into … we start really enjoying it and one thing leads to the next and we’re undressed and the boys walk in – I don’t know if they were supposed to be our coaches or maybe they were just training there (Laughs) – and then it just unfolds into a wild group sex scene.

It was a lot of fun. I really liked the environment in getting to use my MMA training in a scene.

In regards to MMA, I heard you have taken up grappling and are planning to actually enter the MMA world soon, is that right?

Yes. I’ve studied Muay Thai kickboxing for about six years now and have had four fights; my record is 3-1 in kickboxing. The way things are now … my coach was asking me if I’d be interested in doing MMA. It just seems like there are a lot more opportunities for women in that sport. It’s growing a lot: A lot more competitors, a lot more different competitions that you can do.

I started grappling last year. I haven’t been doing it very long – I want to say maybe six months. So, I still have a ways to go, but I am definitely trying to transition into MMA fighting. I would love to take a fight maybe by the end of this year.

Nice. Do you have any main aspirations or perhaps a visual of where you see yourself five or ten years down the road in both MMA and adult?

When I initially got into this industry, I didn’t know how much I would enjoy it and I didn’t think it was something that I would want to pursue or stick around in for too long. But quickly, I realized how much fun I was having with it and how much I really enjoyed going to work. So, I would say in the next five years maybe it would be great to definitely build a name – build more of a brand – under Adrianna Luna, continue to shoot for more companies and bigger films, and now that they’re doing all of these features, I think that would be great. And maybe do some sort of partnership or sponsorship with toys or lingerie, something like that on the side.

MMA-wise, I also train in CrossFit, which I started in August and really enjoy. One of my goals this year also is to enter a CrossFit competition.

So, in regard to both sports, I think just continue to train really hard, get stronger, get faster. And I would love to take that as far as I can, competition-wise.


Yeah. (Laughs)

You mentioned earlier that before you entered the adult industry, you were apprehensive about the testing aspect of porn. Are there any other misconceptions that either you yourself had about the business which you discovered to be untrue once you were actually a part of it or one false impression others have about porn that you wish you could dispel?

Oh, sure. I think one of the things I was most surprised by is what a professional atmosphere it is and how everybody makes you feel so comfortable. When I showed up my first day, I was so nervous. I was just really quiet and I remember not really talking to very many people because I couldn’t imagine myself having to be totally naked in front of all of them. But it was really quick as soon as we started that you see – and everybody makes you feel really comfortable – but it’s very technical and it’s very professional in the sense that they’re telling you exactly what to do or how to pose yourself or you’re going to move this way or move that way. And they’re looking at you not in a way that is sexual – it’s more almost in a technical sense like, “Move your body forty-five degrees this way.” (Laughs)


So, I think that part. And just how cool and nice all the talent was also. It wasn’t this dirty or seedy industry that I think maybe a lot of people think it is. It’s not like there are people drinking or doing drugs – that is definitely not tolerated on sets. It’s very much like a working environment like other jobs. And I tell some of my friends, “It’s porn, it’s sex, but it’s almost like our uniform …” Like when you go into a hospital and you see people in scrubs, when you go to a porn set, you’re going to see people naked. It’s like … that’s what their uniform is. But I think that definitely surprised me.

That’s a good comparison – the uniform analogy.

Yeah. (Laughs)

I’d like to ask a few questions about you as a person if it’s okay.


Can you tell us where you were born and raised and how you would describe yourself growing up?

Sure! I was born and raised here in Los Angeles, so I’ve been here all my life. I lived up in Northern California for about three years and went to school there, but I ended up finishing school down here.

Growing up, I have one other sister. We grew up in a very normal household – like mom and dad, like very wholesome. (Laughs) I was a very kind of curious and active kid and that totally still sticks with me now: Just trying a lot of sports, always getting into different activities. But actually, I was well-behaved – I was a good kid for the most part. (Laughs)

How about interests and hobbies away from work?

I would say the biggest is being really fitness-based. I feel like I can’t get enough of it. For now, I would say my biggest hobbies are the MMA and CrossFit. When I’m not at home or at work, you will find me either at my CrossFit gym or my fight gym. I’m just there all the time. I love it; I can’t get enough of it. (Laughs)

I understand also that you have a bachelor’s degree in public relations, is that right?

I do. I started school up in Northern California at Sonoma State University. I realized that I wanted to study P.R., but they didn’t have that program there, so I transferred down and graduated from Cal-State Northridge in public relations.

Is that a field that you plan to pursue in the future, possibly in the adult industry?

I never really thought about it that way. I definitely know that a job where I’d be in an office nine-to-six just doesn’t go with my personality and it’s not something that I could do.

I don’t know … I haven’t really thought of it that way. It gave me really good skills in the sense of learning how to present yourself and put your best foot forward. But I don’t know if I’d really pursue a career in P.R.

How about favorites – musical artists, movies, T.V. shows, etc.

I really love romantic comedies. (Laughs) I can watch those kind of movies every day. And because it was the holiday season, one movie that my family and I always watch is Love Actually. I can’t go a Christmas without watching it, so I would say that’s probably one of my favorite movies. (Laughs)

Music-wise, I really like pop music, mainstream music, so whatever is on the radio, like Rhianna or Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, stuff like that.

Is there one thing about yourself that you feel would surprise a lot of people?

Probably that I’m a really big scaredy cat. I think that when people learn about me fighting, they think I’m really tough. But actually, I’m super-scared of roller coasters – you can’t get me on a roller coaster to save my life – or scary movies. I can’t even watch the trailers – if the commercials come on the radio, I have to change the channel. I just get so scared. So, probably that: I’m just a big scaredy cat.

Are there any current or upcoming projects in the works that you would like to mention?

I’m working on starting a blog because I love to give my fans more of an in-depth look at me. And down the road, I want to start a website. But at least something short-term; something close would definitely be a blog, maybe within the next two months. Twitter is limiting in the amount of characters that you can put and there are only so many quick snapshots that they can see of me. (Laughs) So, I want to start a blog where I can put more pictures and videos and they can get more info about me behind the scenes at work and even when I’m off work and get to see my training and just what I would do on an every day kind of thing.

Very cool. To finish up, is there anything you wish to say to readers?

Sure! If they want to follow me or get to know me a little better, they can do that through my Twitter, which is @AdriannaLunaXXX.

I’m also going to be at AVN this year signing for Hard Candy Films – Nica Noelle’s company – so if they want to come out and see me, I’ll be there, too.

Awesome. Thank you very much for your time. It was a pleasure speaking with you and I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from you in the future. All the best in 2012.

Thank you so much.

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January 5, 2012 at 6:14 pm

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RTM Press Release: Jessica Drake Selected as Official Sex Educator for’s Online Community

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JANUARY 5, 2011 — LOS ANGELES CA — Emerging sexual wellness authority and adult entertainment superstar jessica drake is the official sex educator for Adult DVD The popular adult entertainment e-tail site is launching “Ask jessica drake Anything,” a place for members of its vast online community to submit questions about sex, love and relationships. Each month, the Wicked Pictures contract star will select ten questions and post her answers on the site. In addition to receiving jessica’s advice, the authors of the questions will each receive complete sets of the “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” educational DVD series.

To submit questions to “Ask jessica drake Anything,” fans are encouraged to visit her official online column, located at Director of Marketing Courtney Arthur states, “We feel very lucky to have jessica drake join our team in her new role as the official sex educator of Adult DVD Empire. jessica drake has always been a favorite here, and I know both our male and female customers are going to jump at the chance to get her expert insight and opinion on their sex and relationship questions.”

“It’s a huge honor for me to be the exclusive sex educator for Adult DVD,” says jessica drake. “The site has always been supportive of my movies, and I am thrilled they are interested in becoming involved in the educational aspect of my career as well. I look forward to sharing advice with their community and hope both I and my series, ‘jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex,’ may be of help.”

Uniting a lifetime of study with a decade’s worth of experiential research, “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” is receiving excellent reviews. The critics at XBIZ rave about the franchise, praising jessica’s unique ability to “connect with people through her friendly and personal approach” and dubbing the series “the steamiest instructional line on the market!” AVN’s Heather Namikoshi writes, “The overall tone for the female viewer is calming and accepting, and drake does a good job at creating a safe learning space within the production. The demonstrations are good and shot well to instruct newbies in various techniques…” Gawker Media’s Fleshbot is equally laudatory of jessica, crediting her with bringing a “sexy, articulate and professional” new voice to the sexual self-help genre.

Volumes in “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” include “Fellatio,” “Anal,” and “Positions.” A fourth installment, “Female Masturbation,” has been completed and will be released on January 25, 2012.

“jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” is honored with 6 nominations for the 2012 AVN Awards, including Best New Series. “Fellatio,” “Anal,” and “Positions” are each nominated for Best Educational Release, while “Fellatio” received nominations for Best Oral Release and Best Oral Sex Scene (Bobbi Starr).

In addition to creating this exclusive line of educational DVDs and her position as the official sex educator for Adult DVD, jessica assists men and women in becoming more sexually aware with Sex for the Wicked Woman, a series of powerful and engaging self-help seminars illuminated by her expertise and passion for research.

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January 5, 2012 at 3:33 pm

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Rising Star PR Press Release: Jacky Joy Changes Streamate Schedule

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VENICE, CA – Just weeks after taking the Best Adult Cammer of 2011 award from Blue Screw Review, Jacky Joy has switched her Streamate hours and will now be performing Monday through Friday between 3 and 6 pm ET. The move from her former middle-of-the-night hours will allow fans on the East Coast to see her before dinner and will be clogging up internet connections at offices on the West Coast during the afternoons.

The change, which is already in affect, is already receiving raves. Much of her camming fanbase will be with her whatever timeslot she chooses, but by moving up several hours she has made many new fans who before wouldn’t have been logging on in the late night hours.

“It enhanced my audience immediately,” Jacky said. “There are a lot of new people watching and I’m really enjoying getting to know the new fans while maintaining so many who have been watching for so long. It’s an essential part of my day.”

Jacky is one of the industry’s most extensive cammers and her regular hours have helped her establish a rabid base.

She was also named 2011’s Breakout Star and her scene with Sean Michaels in Captain America XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody (Exquisite) was voted best of the year.

Jacky is nominated for Unsung Starlet at the upcoming 2012 AVN Awards.

Check out Jacky every night by logging on to Streamate ( Monday through Friday at 3-6 pm ET and tuning into her Cam4 Super Show ( every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8 pm ET. Follow her on Twitter (@JackyJoy) to get ongoing details of show updates and information on private shows.

For everything Jacky Joy visit

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January 5, 2012 at 3:28 pm

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Rising Star PR Press Release: XCritic Names Katwoman XXX Top 10 Parody of the Year

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LAS VEGAS, NV – XCritic announced their top picks for adult movies of 2011 yesterday, naming Nicholas Steele’s glossy, big-budget feature ‘Katwoman XXX’ among the coveted 10 parody selections of the year. It’s an auspicious start to the awards season Bluebird Films hopes to continue. Noting that this years biggest Bluebird release is the loosely related follow-up to the multi-award winning blockbuster ‘BatFxxx’ from last year, they continue by praising sexy contract star Dylan Ryder’s performance in multiple scenes, as well as the rest of the all-star cast.

“Katwoman pulls together a great cast including: Dylan Ryder who looks fantastic and is super as the lead role,” XCritic raves. “Kagney Linn Karter a super looking “Super Chick”, and Jennifer Dark as a very sexy “Wonder Chick”. Gemma Massey was a decidedly cute “Jokette” and Paul Chaplin again came across as the perfect parody version of the Heath Ledger version of Joker.”

The popular adult review site went on to say the release had the perfect combination of elements to make this must-see feature absolutely unforgettable for comic book fans and porn aficionados alike.

“Everything comes together well in a superhero parody worthy of our top list,” says XCritic.

“I wasn’t sure I would be able to top last year’s successful run with Batfxxx,” confesses award winning visionary director Nicholas Steele. “That was before I saw Dylan Ryder slide into the suit. She brought the character to life with her incredible sexual energy and her amazing acting ability. It’s an honor to work with such a talented cast of this quality and this may be the best thing we’ve done to date!”

Bluebird Films has also been nominated for 28 awards for AVN and 14 for XBIZ, the bulk in both cases being leveled at ‘Katwoman XXX’.

“I’m honored by all the attention we’ve received already for Katwoman XXX,” Steele humbly offers. “Thank you to the critics who took the time to really watch our movie and all the fans who help keep us honest. We’re going to continue making the highest quality adult entertainment this world has ever seen because they deserve nothing less!”

Katwoman XXX is Bluebird Films follow up to 2010’s award-winning BatFxxx. Gothard City is in danger of being wiped out by a deadly virus and Katwoman is their only hope of survival. Bluebird Films owner and producer Paul Chaplin reprises his role as The Jo-Kerr co-starring with Glambirds Anna Lovato, Natasha Marley and Lady Gemma Massey who appears in her first feature role as Jokette, the villain’s insane lover. The cream of the industry cast also includes Kagney Linn Karter, Andy San Dimas, Jennifer Dark, Bridgette B, and Lexi Swallow. The glossy big budget feature brims with action, taking viewers on a sensual, visual, and sexual journey featuring mind-blowing special effects that will have them on the edge of their seats until the last sticky scene!

Visit to watch the trailer and see photos.

To see the list of XCritic winners visit .

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January 5, 2012 at 3:19 pm

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Nicole Aniston Named 2012 AVN Awards Trophy Girl

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Adult Video News has announced starlet Nicole Aniston as the second trophy girl for its 2012 AVN Awards show, which emanates from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on January 21. Aniston replaces Sabrina Maree, who is unable to appear.

Aniston, a 24-year-old California native, has appeared in numerous films for top studios such as Vivid Entertainment, Brazzers, Hustler and Adam & Eve.

Please click the above link for more on this story.

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January 4, 2012 at 8:54 pm

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AVN Announces Four New Fan Categories for 2012 Awards

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Adult Video News has announced a quartet of new fan-voted categories for its 2012 Awards.

The new categories are: Best Body, Favorite Porn Star, Hottest Sex Scene and Twitter Queen. Fans can vote now at; the voting period will remain open through January 12 with three randomly selected voters receiving a pair of tickets each for the AVN Awards ceremony, which takes place on January 21 in Las Vegas.

Please visit the opening link to read more.

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January 4, 2012 at 8:44 pm

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AEBN Announces 2012 VOD Award Winners

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The Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network has announced the winners of its 7th annual VOD Awards. The nominees were announced last month and honorees will receive their awards via mail.

Top award-winners this year include Asa Akira (Performer of the Year), Lily Carter (Best Newcomer) and Mile High Media (Studio of the Year). Veteran industry director Paul Thomas has also been presented with a special Lifetime Achievement designation.

Please click here to view a complete list of 2012 AEBN VOD Award winners.

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January 4, 2012 at 8:30 pm

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The Rub PR Press Release: Katie Summers Signs With The Rub PR

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(Los Angeles, CA) Katie Summers is starting 2012 with a bang—not only has she been nominated for her first AVN Award for Best All-Girl Group Scene for her performance in “Art School Dykes”, but she has enhanced her breasts to a 34D. Katie has also retained the services of The Rub PR to bring her career to a whole new level. She will be available for scenes this week, and can be booked through Foxxx Modeling – – or directly at

“I’m known for my anal and young girl scenes, but I wanted to also be considered for more mature roles and feature films—they’re the perfect size and I’m loving them,” says Katie Summers. “I’m also really happy to finally get my first nomination in the 2 ½ years I’ve worked in adult.”

Fans can meet Katie at the AEE Fan Appreciation Trade Show in Las Vegas January 20th through the 21st—she will be signing for My Phone Site and LATATA.

All requests for interviews, appearances, magazine placement and general media inquiries about Katie Summers should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at

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January 4, 2012 at 12:08 pm

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