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L.A. Mayor Signs Amended Condom Mandate

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128377_r3XBIZ reports that Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signed the amended Safer Sex Act (modifying the city’s current ordinance mandating condoms on adult film shoots to reflect the language and intent of Measure B) on June 25.

According to the City Council notes, the law will take effect on August 6.

Yesterday marked Mayor Villaraigosa’s final day in office. Eric Garcetti will continue as L.A.’s new mayor on July 1.

Please visit the above link to read more.

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June 29, 2013 at 12:35 pm

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Star Factory PR Press Release: Television X to Introduce New On Demand Service

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tvxflix_youview(LONDON, UK) The UK’s largest adult television network, Television X, will launch a brand new On Demand movie service today on YouView ( The service, named TVXflix, will appear as an adult player within the On Demand section of YouView and will offer viewers HD adult movies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TVXflix will be the first adult app on YouView, using the latest technology and innovation to let fans of Television X search and view what they want, when they want. With the launch of TVXflix, there is now a new way to watch your favourite adult movies from the comfort of your own home.

With TVXflix you can browse the entire Television X library for free. Why not have a look at ‘What’s Hot’, most recent or search by category or favourite star? When you see something that takes your fancy you can then choose between a 48 hour rental of that film for £4.99 or a completely unlimited subscription for only £9.99 a month. Subscribers also get free online access to the entire Television X catalogue accessible on PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere.

As well as being the first adult player on YouView, TVXflix will also be the first adult application in the UK to fully age verify all customers before they can view any content to ensure that they are over 18. This is part of a larger campaign set up by TVXflix to ensure child protection from inappropriate content. As with all Television X services, TVXflix will remain secure, discreet and TVXflix will never appear on your bill.

Check out TVXFlix’s YouTube channel by clicking here:

To watch Television X’s SFW promo video for TVXFlix, please click here:

TVXflix is offering a unique adult experience on a major TV service, sign up now to enjoy the best in adult entertainment in HD.

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June 28, 2013 at 7:57 pm

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Star Factory PR Press Release: Lea Lexis to Star in Produce in Seasons Two and Three of “Voracious”

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27788_LeaLexis_KrissyLynn021(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Multi-talented adult actress Lea Lexis will continue to play an integral role in the production of John Stagliano’s ( Voracious: Season Two and Voracious: Season Three. John Stagliano’s Voracious: The First Season blew the adult industry away with its creativity, raw sensuality and mystical vampire storyline, sweeping the 2013 XXX award season by winning numerous awards in several categories.

The former nationally ranked gymnast has become well-regarded for her unique flexibility and high energy, hardcore sex scenes. Lea will not only be starring in the Voracious sequels, but will play a key role in production, directing, costumes and special effects design.

In an interview with, Voracious executive producer John Stagliano praises Lea’s work on the film, saying, “She was involved in every aspect of production. She is an ambitious person who wants to do more things and she’s quite capable.”

Lea will be lending some unique skills to the film, including an aerial silks performance that turns into a sexy girl-girl scene with Digital Playground darling Stoya.

“It’s been such an honor and a pleasure to work alongside John Stagliano throughout the production of Voracious,” said Lea. “I’m so thrilled to help produce Seasons Two and Three. We have a lot planned for these films and I know they’re going to blow audiences away!”

Voracious Seasons Two and Three are currently in production and Stagliano projects the international adult blockbusters will be released in early 2014.

Romanian adult star Lea Lexis will co-produce and star in John Stagliano’s Voracious: Season Two and Voracious: Season Three.

For more on Lea Lexis, visit the Lea Lexis Network:

For more pictures of Lea Lexis please click here:

Lea Lexis is represented by Spiegler Girls:
(818) 326-5403

To interview Lea Lexis for your Website or Publication;
Please contact Star Factory PR
(818) 732-0191

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June 28, 2013 at 7:42 pm

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XXX Wasteland Exclusive Interview: Allison Moore

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BNqCXtlCYAE95v0Now nearing three years in adult entertainment, Allison Moore has established herself as a valuable commodity in the industry, both on and off the camera. In addition to roles for some of porn’s top studios such as Penthouse, Adam & Eve, Evil Angel, Hustler and Naughty America, the auburn-haired starlet also serves as a talent scout for her agency, Adult Talent Managers, one of adult’s most highly regarded booking firms.

Moore has appeared in several major XXX parodies and recently landed one of her most prolific parts playing Khloe Kardashian in Risque Films’ upcoming Keeping Up With Kiara Mia XXX parody, working alongside industry veteran Lexington Steele.

Allison kindly spoke with XXX Wasteland on the evening of June 24 to discuss her entry into the adult world, being cast in Keeping Up With Kiara Mia and much more.

You can visit Allison online at her official website,, follow her on Twitter (@AllisonMooreXXX) and check out the starlet’s FreeOnes page here.

Allison Moore is represented by Adult Talent Managers. For bookings, please contact Mark “Blazing” Schechter at or telephone (818) – 825 – 1239. Interview requests and other media inquiries may be directed to Erika Icon at

(Special thanks to Erika Icon of The Rub PR)

Let’s start at the beginning: Can you tell us how you initially entered the adult industry?

Let’s see … I started in September 2010. My husband and I were going to do this swinger reality show-type thing. Nothing really became of it, so I guess I thought if I was okay with people thinking that I was having sex with other people and what not, then I might as well be doing it and getting paid for it. (Laughs) So, that’s kind of how it happened – kind of exploring new things. I love it. My husband and I don’t really go to swing clubs, but we have fun with other couples in the industry.

Do you have any specific aspirations in mind for your career looking down the road?

Of course, it would be awesome to win an AVN Award. I haven’t won one yet or been nominated for one. But I would love to be nominated at least, if not win one.

We’ll see. I would like to produce and direct. But, we shall see because I’m currently going to school and studying statistics and psychology, so I’m having a good time doing school and work and being me. (Laughs)

(Laughs) Right, right. You landed a big part recently playing the role of Khloe Kardashian in Risque Films’ Keeping Up With the Kardashians parody. I understand you shot it a few weeks ago, is that right?

Yes, we did. It was really fun. It was a long day, but it was really fun. It was my first interracial scene and I performed with Lexington Steele; I played Khloe Kardashian and he played Lamar. Our scene actually takes place in a gym setting and we hear his coach coming, so I go and hide.

It was really fun filming the movie, it was great chemistry. From the director’s standpoint, she said it’s the best sex scene so far in the movie. She’s obviously watched them all and she was there for all of them and she’s like, “Watching it, everyone could not take their eyes off of it.”

It was a good time. I love doing dialogue and the acting part; it’s fun. But I think the main part that was really cool is us having pictures and getting our little “pretty girl” photo sets. We had mainstream makeup artists and hair stylists and mainstream photographers. Actually, recently we were out having lunch and we got stopped by TMZ, which was actually kind of funny. (Laughs) So, it was good, it was fun. It was a good time.

BLtc-qUCQAAoxjzAre there any studios or talent that you haven’t yet had the opportunity to work with, but would like to in the near future?

I’ve never worked for Vivid or Wicked. I’ve worked for pretty much everybody, but I’ve never worked for Vivid or Wicked. (Laughs) It’s been like, “Aww …”


I’m a little bit sad about that, but I’m sure it will happen.

Yeah, absolutely. You also have your official website, Can you talk a little bit about your site and what those who sign up for membership can expect?

Absolutely! It’s and I was actually just doing a webcam show for my members with my friend, Prinzzess Felicity Jade. Each contract star of the website network (XXXFastPass) has to do a live show once a month. So, there are about twenty different girls, so twenty days out of the month, you have access to live webcam shows. So, that’s a great thing – not only do you get to see my site, you get to see all of the other people’s sites as well, everyone from Nina Mercedez to Raylene to Princess Felicity Jade, Devon Michaels, Kiara Mia … oh, my gosh, there are so many, I can’t even name them all. (Laughs) But yeah, it’s great because we all have updates every month – photo sets, video. Most of my scenes are exclusive content that you can only see on my website.

I’m going to be doing a little side reality part of my website where it’s kind of a handycam-type thing and more of my sexual escapades. So, fans should be looking forward to that. They are kind of harder to edit than I thought. (Laughs) It’s harder doing all the work.

Yeah. Is there maybe one misconception about the adult industry from those outside of it that you wish you could dispel?

I’m a normal person. I like to bake and cook (Laughs), and I watch the Food Network a lot. And HGTV – I love HGTV.

Let’s see … I read a lot. So, I’m not completely moronic. I might talk like a Valley Girl because obviously, I live in the Valley. (Laughs) But I have 3.8 Grade Point Average, so I’m pretty smart. I’m almost done with school and there aren’t many people who choose statistics and psychology as double major. So, I’m not completely … blonde. (Laughs)


But, yeah. I like to hike. I have my dogs and we go on walks. I love the beach. I’m just a normal person like everybody else. I just get paid to have sex. (Laughs)

Right. (Laughs) May I ask a few questions about yourself as a person if that’s alright?

Yeah, absolutely!

IMG_2606Great. Can you tell us where you were raised and how you would describe yourself growing up?

Yeah. I grew up in Malibu in Calabasas here in California. I went to Catholic school for part of my school life.

I used to be in 4-H as a kid. I don’t know if you know what that is because you’re from Canada, but in America, you read to animals, you learn about the different breeds and what not. Most people that are in 4-H either live on a farm or want to do something with animals like become a veterinarian or a horse trainer or something like that along those lines. I used to want to be a veterinarian and I used to really be into horses, so that’s why I got into it and I had a really good time. I had horses and pigs and stuff in our suburban home. (Laughs) I think my neighbors hated us, but oh, well. (Laughs)

Let’s see … being from Malibu, of course, I know how to surf. I’m a big book nerd. It’s really sad, actually. (Laughs) I like the vampire books, I like the Harry Potter books; anything magical in some shape or form I love because it takes me out of everyday life that is so humdrum boring – and I say my life is humdrum boring! (Laughs)

(Laughs) Yeah. Is there maybe one thing about yourself that you feel would surprise a lot of people?

I don’t know … I don’t think it’s very surprising that I went to Catholic school and do porn now – I don’t think that’s very surprising. (Laughs) It’s a little cliché, actually.

Besides the fact that I’m like Susie Homemaker, I don’t even know. I used to make things woodworking-wise. My husband and I just built a table, an eating kitchen table. I know that sounds kind of weird and people usually don’t do that on their Saturdays and Sundays, but we do that. (Laughs)

(Laughs) Very cool. How about favorites – favorite movies, T.V. shows, musical artists and things like that?

Oh, my gosh … all-time favorite musical is a tie between West Side Story and Grease. I still love those. And when I was a kid, I loved The Sound of Music – the best musical. (Laughs)

One of my favorite movies is Love, Actually. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it; it’s really cute. I love the Harry Potter and Twilight movies, of course.

Favorite shows: Right now, True Blood. I used to be really into Lost, but it’s not on the air anymore. There is a show I think is on Syfy, but I watch it on Netflix and iTunes – it’s called Being Human. It’s kind of interesting – it’s about a werewolf and a vampire and a dead person that’s a ghost-type thing.

Revenge – love that show. I watch them all on Netflix and then there are only like the first one or two seasons and then I have to buy them on iTunes because there are like five from T.V. (Laughs) So, then I have to buy like Season Three and Four. I signed up for this T.V. show-web thing and I can’t remember my login and when I finally figure it out, it’s another show and I’m like, “Arrgh!” (Laughs) So, that’s frustrating.

I loved Smallville when it was out. I’m a dork – it’s like Superman before he was Superman. I love comic stuff. Avengers would be like my dream gangbang. (Laughs)

(Laughs) So, you would probably enjoy being cast in one of the parodies. They do a lot of comic book XXX parodies now.

I know! And I know the guy that does most of them, but he never casts me in them. I think it’s because he has a crush on me and doesn’t like watching me have sex. (Laughs)


But I was in the Hawkman vs. Hawkgirl parody, so I was in at least one of them. (Laughs) At least I was in that one.

Let’s see … what else parody-wise have I done? South Park XXX – that was fun.

Oh, yeah – from Will Ryder?

Yep. I was in that one. I’m drawing a blank on what else I’ve been in. But yeah, T.V. shows-wise, I like supernatural T.V. shows. I’m kind of dorky like that. (Laughs) And oh, The Vampire Diaries – that’s the other one.

Oh, yeah – that’s a great show.

I love that show!

Me, too.

I feel like such a dork. That’s okay – we can be dorks together. (Laughs)

(Laughs) Yeah. I actually didn’t get into it until about a year or so ago. I bought the first season and was hooked. I really liked how they came up with something unique because at first, I thought they were making just another vampire product to capitalize on the vampire craze. But they put out something with a creative storyline.

Yeah, exactly. And I think there are books. I don’t know exactly how close the books are to the show because it’s one book series I haven’t read. Game of Thrones – that’s another good one. Have you seen that one?

No, I haven’t. I’ve heard of it, but have never actually seen it.

It’s on HBO. I have the books for that one, but I’m trying to finish two other book series that I’ve been reading before I start the Game of Thrones book series.

How about musical artists?

I like most types of music. Not a huge fan of country, only because I used to listen to country all the time and it kind of turned out to be the same thing over and over again.

I don’t know what it’s called, but whatever music they play on the alternative rock stations. I love No Doubt, I love Gwen Stefani, I love her husband, Gavin Rossdale, Weezer, Snow Patrol and that kind of fun stuff.

Very cool. Are there any current or upcoming projects in the works that you would like to put out there?

My Keeping Up With the Kardashians parody – it’s called Keeping Up With Kiara Mia – it’s coming out, I’m not entirely sure when. My Penthouse feature should be coming out soon; I was a gypsy and I was the main person in it. You look into a crystal ball and watch sex, basically. (Laughs) So, it’s interesting.

I will be feature dancing in Houston, Texas (at Glamour Girls July 25-27), but that’s way far away from you guys in Canada. (Laughs)

(Laughs) That’s okay – interviews generally reach people from all over.

That’s right. I’m going to Vancouver, Canada in mid-August. I have family who is getting married in Seattle, so we’re going to drive up. We’re still waiting on some passports, though. It’s annoying. (Laughs)

ALLISONMOOREBDAYCOLONYJULY5TH_3Yeah. I went through that a little while ago myself, so I know how it is. I understand you are celebrating your birthday July 5 at The Colony in L.A. as well, is that right (Note: It was just announced that the party has been postponed)?

Yes! I will be celebrating my birthday July 5 at The Colony. It should be fun. I’m excited because I’ve never really done an adult industry birthday party. I’m going to be 29 and this will probably be the one and only year that I do it because I’ll be 29 – I don’t want to think of 30. No offense to the people over 30 out there, but it’s scaring the hell out of me. (Laughs)

Yeah, I’m having a party. A whole bunch of my friends are going to be there – they’ve already said that they are coming, so I’m excited about that. And I actually have fans coming out to meet me. I was like, “That is the sweetest thing.” They’re like, “Can we get you a birthday gift?” I’m like, “Absolutely! I’m not going to say no to a gift.” (Laughs) I thought that was so sweet. Hopefully, it’s not a bomb or anything like that. (Laughs)

(Laughs) To finish up, is there anything in closing you wish to say to readers?

I don’t know … I always draw a blank when people ask me that stuff. (Laughs) Follow me on Twitter at @AllisonMooreXXX and check out my website,

I’m represented by ATMLA – that’s And I actually work for them part-time, so if you ever want to be in the industry, you can contact me. I scout new girls, bring them over and then take them around to all the different companies and introduce them to producers – Hustler to New Sensations to Penthouse and all that stuff.

Very cool.

Yeah. So, I’ve found a little side job. (Laughs) I love my agency and I’m good friends with the owner, so it’s great.

Absolutely. I want to thank you for taking time tonight to chat with me for the interview. I wish you the best with your career, schoolwork and everything else going on. Have a terrific night.

You, too – thank you so much!

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June 27, 2013 at 5:43 pm

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Zero Tolerance Entertainment Press Release: Everybody Loves Kagney Linn Karter

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1419frontlargeDescription: There’s something special about Kagney Linn Karter! Since being declared Best New Starlet in 2010 by AVN, XRCO and XBIZ, she’s been one of the most sought-after superstars in adult! Now finally this 2-disc set shows you exactly why she’s so popular! Not only is she beautiful, sexy as hell and talented at what she does best – but she’s also funny – check out handpicked scenes from critically acclaimed films like Official Silence of the Lambs Parody, Official Psycho Parody, Official Wife Swap Parody and more! Then sink your teeth into a mouth-watering array of clips from many of her other starring roles including scenes from Blonde Bombs, War on a Rack, Delinquents and many more! You simply can’t go wrong with this tribute – because Everybody Loves Kagney Linn Karter!

Cast: Alexis Texas, Kagney Linn Karter, Monique Alexander, Raylene.

Director: Various Directors.


Street Date: July 9, 2013.

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XXX Wasteland Exclusive Interview: Nikita Von James

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DSC_0020v2Russian bombshell Nikita Von James has enthralled scores of fans and adult industry members in her five years as a XXX performer. The platinum-blonde actress began her journey through adult entertainment shortly after immigrating to the United States in 1998 by dancing in gentlemen’s clubs and proceeded to quickly build a strong fan legion following her transition to performing in front of the camera.

Von James’ resume is impressive and includes roles in productions for Vivid Entertainment, Penthouse, Wicked Pictures, Hustler Video and a high-profile part in Digital Playground’s 2012 blockbuster Nurses 2.

Nikita kindly spoke with XXX Wasteland recently to discuss her future career aspirations, growing up in Russia and much more.

You can visit Nikita online at her official website,, follow her on Twitter under the handle @NikitaVonJames, visit the starlet’s Facebook page here and check out her FreeOnes page at this link.

Nikita Von James is represented by 101 Modeling. For bookings, please contact Robert Moran at or Bud Lee at Interview requests and other media inquiries may be directed to Erika Icon at

(Special thanks to Erika Icon of The Rub PR. Photo #3 courtesy of Aziani, photo #4 courtesy of Nikita Von James’ Twitter account)

Let’s start at the beginning: Can you tell us how you initially became involved in the adult business?

Well, I came to this country in 1998 and right away – like, the next year – I started dancing in strip clubs. After that, in 2008, I was interested in doing films and I started doing girl/girl only, and a few years later, I started doing boy/girl. So, kind of one after another – dancing is kind of the adult industry as well.

You mentioned that you immigrated to the United States from Russia. Does the adult industry have a strong presence over there?

You know what? When I was growing up there, I did not know anything about it. (Laughs) Now, I hear they do have strip clubs, they have some shoots going on, they have productions, magazines – everything. Whatever we have here, same thing over there. Some people in Russia are reaching out to me on Twitter and asking me if I would do some shoots for them; they would come to America to do some shoots, but they want me as well – kind of like representing Russian culture. It’s kind of interesting.

Yeah. Is that something you would be interested in?

Yes! Because I only know (the adult industry) from the American side, because I’ve been (performing) just here and dancing just here. So, I kind of want to see what they have to offer and how it works. So, I’m open-minded to anything. (Laughs)

1017057_150770328445462_773037925_nVery cool. You have been involved with the industry for several years now. I was wondering if you have any specific aspirations in mind pertaining to your career down the road.

Yes, I do! You know, when I started out, I was like, “I’m just going to do it part-time.” Then, I got more interested in this. I don’t know … if you love what you do, it kind of sucks you in and you just kind of enjoy it and you get more ideas for the future.

So, yes, I do want to stay for a while in this industry and maybe be behind the camera. But I still have to learn a lot more.

Right. So, sort of in a directing type of capacity?

Yeah, could be directing. Honestly, I’m still not sure. But, I definitely want to stay in this business for a while and be behind the camera. Yes, directing, but it could be having my own agency or something. There are so many avenues. So, I’m kind of still thinking.

Absolutely. Of course, you have an official website, Can you talk a little bit about your site and what those who sign up for membership can expect?

Yes. I started my website in December of last year, so it’s pretty fresh. I’ve been working hard on it and I’m really excited. I have different types of packages – you can sign up for one day to check it out, for one month, or even yearly.

I will be doing free webcams for my members only. It will be scheduled once a week and it’s just for them. So, whoever goes on my website, they can see scheduled webcam (shows). They can talk to me straight, they can ask questions and whatever they want to see me in certain clothes because everybody’s different.

I do, actually, any type of fetish on my website. Girl/girl, I do that. POVs – usually, guys like POVs. Not necessarily that there is a guy there, but just you talking to the camera. It’s like you talking to them. So, I like that a lot. It’s kind of like one-on-one with a fan. So, that’s what I do a lot – POVs.

Some people even ask me to do custom videos, which I do in my studio and I send it to them. They ask me to say their name, they write me a scenario, clothes, what to wear and what to say even. It’s so much fun. So, I do that, but if they want to do it on the website, ask me questions – “Can you do this and this?” – I see what they want and that’s what I follow for them. (Laughs)

Almost exactly one year ago, you had a role in the blockbuster film Nurses 2 from Digital Playground.

Yes! Yay! (Laughs)

BJTfAPCCUAEZC02(Laughs) As I said, it was a little while back, but I wanted to ask about that because it was such a huge movie, probably one of the year’s biggest. Can you talk about your experience filming that?

Yes! Oh, my gosh. First of all, my dream came true: I worked with Jesse Jane. She is my favorite of them all. (Laughs) Because of her, I actually started doing porn. I saw her Pirates 2 video and I was so mesmerized: the production, the costumes, the special effects, the acting, how they had so much fun and I saw behind the scenes. I was just like, “Oh, my gosh – this is amazing. Wow!”

(Jesse Jane) is amazing. She is like the greatest person I have ever met in the industry. She has got so much energy. She is very sweet, she’s energetic, she’s hot as fuck. (Laughs)

When I was working, the whole Digital Playground crew was amazing. They are really good to the people and they are fun to work with. It was a long day, but you don’t notice because you have food, they are cooking for you. (Laughs) It’s amazing.

The girls were awesome. I met all of them and it was my pleasure. I was so nervous the day I showed up I could not even say a word. I was like, “Oh, my gosh – it’s all the girls I like so much!” (Laughs) I was almost like a fan. And Jesse was talking to me like, “Hey!” And I was staring at her and just could not say a word. I was like, “Oh, my gosh, I feel so stupid right now!” (Laughs) It was funny. She had no idea – like, “Oh, my gosh, she’s talking to me!” You know the feeling when you have a crush on somebody? (Laughs)

It was great. We had long hours, but it was so much fun. It was amazing. It’s one of my favorites yet.

Yes, a lot of performers speak very highly about the entire on-set experience with Digital Playground.


BLnyjYBCYAAq-N1Is there one misconception about the adult industry from people outside the business that you wish you could dispel?

Oh, yes – there are big misconceptions. I would say first of all, people are different. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, people are people. Some people like being on top of the game, it doesn’t matter what you do. Some people like to party and have fun and some people make the industry look really sleazy abusing substances, I would say. But I would say not everybody and people in this industry, we are more careful about sexually transmitted diseases. We are really on top of our game – we don’t fool around. I would say that people in the bar have more. We are very clean because it’s our money if you have something. So, basically, you are really careful about what you do after work – you are really careful.

Another thing: We are responsible. We have to wake up early, we have long hours and we have to look professional. So, there is not a lot of, I would say, “play around” involved. We still have fun, go to parties, events, attend birthday parties for our friends and stuff and we let loose. But at the same time, I can speak for myself and people around me – we are very professional and some people have families. All my family knows what I do and I’m just saying they still love me and who I am.

I’m pretty straight: I go to school, I have so many responsibilities and I’m on top of my game. And some people from outside in the “civilian“ world, they think we are all just having sex all the time, we have diseases. I see them on T.V. all the time. If you are a porn star, they (say) right away, “How many diseases did you get?”


And you’d be surprised. No, we’re not going to just spread our legs right away and start being crazy. (Laughs) No, we’re really cautious – yes.

Also, drugs – I don’t do any drugs. I’m really clean. I just have my wine at parties or whenever and that’s it. You have to keep your image. The healthier your lifestyle is, the better it is for you and how it looks on camera. It’s your money – health is your money. I know, for example, a lot of my friends, they work out hard on a daily basis to keep their bodies in shape and stuff. So, not much craziness (that) people think is involved in this.

BNL2jOTCIAEzFKfAbsolutely. We touched on earlier that you were born in Russia. Can you tell us about where you were raised and how you would describe yourself growing up?

(Laughs) Back to Russia! Oh, my gosh, yes. I came from Russia when I was 21. I finished high school and college over there.

Growing up there was … you know, when you are born somewhere, you don’t know better, whether it’s a good place to be born or not. (Laughs) You kind of accept it.

(It) was very strict. We had uniforms. We had to march. People laugh in America, “Oh, you have to march like this?” Yes – it’s so true.

I’m looking right now at kids, they dress up however they want to go to school. But we had a brown dress, uniform, only black and brown hair ties allowed. So, no jewellery, no nothing. It was really, really strict at school.

We didn’t have much stuff. My first Barbie I had at 16 years old when the borders started allowing export/import. So, sneakers – my first sneakers I tried at 16 years old, too.

It’s kind of funny to say, “I can eat whatever I want now.” (Laughs) But yeah, it was very strict. And I grew up in Siberia, which is really cold – it’s like minus 50 Celsius. And we had fun when we had such cold days – you’re not allowed to go to school because it’s so cold you can freeze parts of your body. (Laughs) So, we stayed home for weeks sometimes, usually in February. You stay two weeks at home because school is off. So, it was fun for those times

I liked to ice skate. That’s what we did – we didn’t have much T.V. going on. We always had a black and white T.V. and two channels. Nothing for kids. I grew up pretty much doing all kinds of sports – I love sports.

It was fun for me, but I see the difference. When I came to this country, I’m like, “Oh … my … gosh. You guys have no idea what you have.” Freedom, you can still work, freedom of speech, I love it. You can choose for yourself what you want to do. Not in Russia. (Laughs)

What are some of your interests and hobbies away from work?

I love working out and I like activities like hiking – I do a lot of hiking. Ice skating, I still do, usually when I go to New York – I have some family there – in Central Park, I ice skate. Oh, my gosh – I can go in there forever. (Laughs)

Of course, I love traveling, going to different places with my friends just visiting. Even, for example, going to San Diego – it’s so close to us, so sometimes it feels good to just take two days off and go see sceneries and relax.

I would say I have a strange hobby: it’s school. I found it out later on in my life. (Laughs) I love taking one or two classes on a constant basis. It kind of keeps me focused, you know?


I do love sewing, actually. I love sewing cute outfits for when I dance; I make all my outfits myself.

A_Z_C65CcAAGBDaOh, wow – very cool. In regard to school, I understand you hold an economics degree and are now working toward a degree in business, is that right?

Yes, that is correct. I got my bachelor’s in economics in Russia, but at that time I was too young to understand why you were doing this. I only wanted to party, have fun with my friends. I did an okay job – not great. I don’t remember anything I studied (Laughs). I was not like an “A” student. I was having fun in the popular-type group at school. But now, I’m taking this really seriously. Now, I’m really enjoying it. Yes, I can put in my résumé, for example, to get a job and they still accept it because it’s equivalent to a U.S.A. bachelor’s degree, but for myself, for my own sake, I’m going back to school to do it again from scratch. I want to study history because I don’t remember. I’m doing that right now, studying history. I’m like, “Oh … how come I don’t remember that?” (Laughs)

Is there one thing about yourself that you feel would surprise a lot of people?

(Laughs) I don’t know. It’s so funny, I haven’t thought of it. It’s a funny thing, but I love apples and can eat seven apples a day. Everybody knows about me and whoever’s house I visit, they always have so many apples. Yes – I eat so many damn apples. (Laughs) All the time – I’m like a rabbit or something.

(Laughs) Cool. Are there any current or upcoming projects in the works that you would like to mention?

Upcoming stuff, I’ve been working on some videos. Like yesterday, I just finished shooting for Mile High Club and new releases have come out for Evil Angel and Devil’s Film.

I am working right now to start my feature dancing. In late-August, I’m going to hit the road to different states and I will be Tweeting about where I go and my schedule. I’m very excited about feature dancing. I like to have different avenues to do with the business, not just filming. I like doing filming, feature dancing, website, interviews. On the radio stations, we show up and we talk about some sex stuff, people call and that. So, I like doing everything.

Awesome. To finish up, is there anything you wish to say to folks who will be reading?

Well, I really, really love my fans and I love what I’m doing. When you love what you’re doing and for who you’re doing it, it’s so much fun. I enjoy hearing feedback from my fans on my website or on Twitter, what they want to see. I like to hear that. Of course, everybody says on Twitter, “Oh, thank you. Great job!” and stuff, but I want to ask my fans, “What do you want to see? What do you like?” Because I hear them and I try to perform their way, too.

Great. Thank you for taking some time out today to speak with me, I appreciate it. It was lovely to chat with you and I wish you continued success with your career, school and everything else. Have a terrific day.

Thank you so much. It was so much fun!

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June 26, 2013 at 10:12 pm

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Rising Star PR Press Release: Christie Stevens Wins Sapphire Twitter Contest

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christiestevens109VENICE, CA – Christie Stevens fans came through for her big time in the past couple weeks, Tweet-voting her to a win in the Sapphire contest to see who would feature at the New York City club on August 10.

This is the latest success for the up and coming starlet who is one of the hot new favorites of both fans and media.

In a review of Anal Students 2 (Elegant Angel) by Don Houston for XCritic, he says her performance was “great” and called her a “scrumptious blond, a delight to behold,” adding that “Christie was one of the most flexible ladies of the cast too, putting her legs behind her neck as [James Deen] tore into her ass.”

In his recent XCritic interview with Christie, Editor Chris Thorne said she has a “timeless look” that “harkens back to the golden age of porn, but with an extraordinary contemporary attitude.” This seems to be the consensus of scribes who are attempting to describe what exactly it is that makes Christie special – and there is much to choose from.

Read the XCritic review of Anal Students 2 at

For information on Sapphire New York Gentlemen’s Club go to

Preorder Christie’s upcoming Cinemax releases on Amazon: Strippers From Another World (, which releases Aug. 20, and Intergalactic Swingers (, coming Sept. 24.

Read the XCritic interview at Her latest XCritic column is at

Follow Christie on Twitter @iluvchristie. She can be booked through LA Direct Models ( For more on Christie Stevens visit

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Press Release: Porn Star Tweet Acquires Tattle.XXX and Revamps

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pst_acquires_tattle2013 June 25 — Las Vegas, NV — Adult Entertainment Social Media powerhouse, Porn Star Tweet, announced today it’s acquisition of the year old Adult Entertainment news and gossip web platform Tattle.XXX (; as well as it’s massive redesign of the site and the addition of new consumer focused sections for gay and niche verticals.

Tattle.XXX is an adult entertainment consumer focused news and gossip platform with a different, more raw and consumer minded, approach than traditional adult entertainment media. The brain child of Simon Peters who engaged Porn Star Tweet sister company Candid Brand to brand and develop the Tattle.XXX web platform, and later engaged Porn Star Tweet in a long term integration marketing agreement which instantly propelled Tattle to a player in consumer focused adult entertainment news market.

“Our ongoing relationship with Porn Star Tweet has been key to the success of Tattle.XXX as a platform”, said Simon Peters. “As a company Porn Star Tweet added instant credibility and through Social Media added reach that simply could not have been accomplished any other way. The relationship has been one of growth, imagination and ultimately excitement about the industry and thinking of new ways to reach consumers.”

Tattle.XXX officially opened in June 2012; only months after the freshly minted and highly controversial .XXX domain name extension had been launched by ICM Registry. Tattle quickly became one of the top consumer news sites in the adult space and remains one of .XXX’s largest original content news providers.

“We took some early knocks for embracing the .XXX platform from the Adult Entertainment Industry — which like any other is somewhat frightened of change”, continued Peters. “Ultimately the .XXX platform has proven to be one of our distinctions among other would-be adult entertainment news websites. We have seen a solid success utilizing the .XXX domain platform with top 10 organic results from search engines like Google, Bing and of course Search.XXX.”

The more than four year old Porn Star Tweet is no stranger to developing media markets – having lead the charge for Adult Entertainment on platforms like Twitter and Facebook; while carving out a niche as a serious player in the industry. Porn Star Tweet is a regular feature at consumer expos like Exxxotica and the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo; as well as industry events including Internext, XBiz, and The Phoenix Forum.

“In conversations with Tattle.XXX as to where each of our products were headed it became very evident that our vision of the future and our paths were so parallel that getting on the same path together was just logical”, said Pete Housley (@petehousley) of Porn Star Tweet. “This is not our first foray into media or publishing; my partner and brother Andrew and I have previously launched two successful print entertainment magazines in highly competitive markets. We’re excited to include Tattle.XXX in our growing platform of media offerings and the abilities it brings us to help the companies and talent we work with on a daily basis.”

In November 2012 Tattle.XXX appointed Pat Spinella (@PSpinPoker) as Editor-In-Chief, who will stay in an expanded role, Peters will also play a continue roll in the platform as a contributing writer. Denise Kraft (@_DeniseXXX), also of Porn Star Tweet, has taken the role of Editor for the newly expanded sections focused on Gay and Niche consumer news. Other sections and team members will be announced as expansion continues.

“We’ve watched Patrick become the heart and soul of Tattle.XXX”, said Andrew Housley (@ahhousley) of Candid Brand. “We had the opportunity to work with him closely as we’ve been the development arm of Tattle over the past few months — and despite his pension for being a little bit of a ‘hipster’ we could see no one more suited to continue being the man behind the curtain. Denise presently operates our expanding NaughtyPR division. As a result, her knowledge of the Gay, Tranny, BBW and Fetish markets is unmatched.”

“As part of our acquisition we’ve just completed a comprehensive redesign of the entire Tattle.XXX platform”, continued Andrew. “The site is fresh and continuously updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as we have built in monitoring systems and unique abilities for talent, agents and news makers to provide us with up to the minute information.”

Together the companies will give consumers a unique look into the adult entertainment industry; while offering companies and talent the opportunity to reach all new consumer markets through it’s unmatched unique abilities through traditional SEO and Social Media.

News and Press Releases may be submitted to Tips, gossip and story ideas may be submitted to Consumers can follow Tattle on Twitter @TattleXXX or on Facebook

Limited unique advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available, for more information contact Pete Housley

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The Rub PR Press Release: Dayna Vendetta Signs With The Rub PR and OC Modeling

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_CK21243(Los Angeles, CA) 2013 could be the year of Vendetta…Dayna Vendetta. In just the past week, she’s made two huge moves to change her career. She’s hired The Rub PR to expand her brand and has signed with OC Modeling to get the representation she’s been craving. Dayna also has a new look—classic pin-up glamour with her burgundy hair, Marilyn Monroe curves and old school tattoos.

“I’m so excited to be able to finally hire Erika Icon and her team at The Rub PR—she’s amazing at what she does and I’m happy to have her on my team,” says Dayna Vendetta. “Sandy at OC Modeling made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse. OCM has a stellar reputation and I know they will quite possibly be the best representation that I’ve had since getting into the business.”

Fans will be able to meet her at Chicago Exxotica July 12-14th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. Look for Dayna’s first anal scene, which is going to be a DP and set to be filmed within the next month. She’s also currently working on her official website,, which should be up and running by the end of the year. Dayna has already shot quite a few scenes and photo sets.

Dayna Vendetta is exclusively available for booking through OCM. Get her on your set, by contacting Sandra McCarthy via email at or phone at (818) 298-6939.

Want to interview Dayna for your publication or website? Contact Erika Icon of The Rub PR at

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Rising Star PR Press Release: Britney Amber Headed to Exxxotica as Barb Wire

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barbwirebritney102VENICE, CA – Chicago-area fans better be on their best behavior because Britney Amber is bringing the most kick-ass character of 2013 to the Exxxotica Expo: Barb Wire.

Straight out of one of the hottest parodies of the year, Britney is a dead ringer for Pamela Anderson’s original character and Barb Wire XXX has been one of the hottest titles in adult. Next month she will bring the character to Chicago for a rare opportunity for fans to meet Britney exactly as she appears in full costume on-screen.

Porn Star Tweets will be hosting Britney at their booth and she will appear Friday 5 to 10 and Saturday 12-4.

“This was a really big movie for me and I loved doing it,” Britney said. “I was a big fan of the original and honored to be able to take Pamela’s character and take it to the next level.”

This week fans can look forward to a new movie from Pornstar Empire, Nick Manning’s Dropping Loads, which features Britney. Other recent releases include Sluts in the Office (Pornstar Empire) and American Cocksucking Sluts 3 (Evil Angel).

For more on Barb Wire XXX from Dream Zone Entertainment go to For more on the Exxxotica Expo in Chicago go to

Visit Britney’s website at Follow Britney on Twitter @Britney_Amber for all the latest. For everything Britney go to

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