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DVD Recap: Get My Belt

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getmybeltmoviefrontThis past May 22 saw the release of Get My Belt, the latest feature film two-disc DVD from Kelly Madison’s Porn Fidelity studio. The star-laden cast includes adult fan favorites Chanel Preston, Brooklyn Lee, Chastity Lynn and Skin Diamond pushing their sexual limits with male talent Ryan Madison acting as “Curator of Evil” in each of the four strap-oriented scenes.

Get My Belt’s opening scene features superstarlet Chanel Preston portraying a conflicted religious woman who proceeds to act out her extreme sexual fantasies with a Catholic priest. The two begin in a bathtub before eventually concluding the action in Preston’s bedroom. The camera angles here are impressively unique when rapidly switching from standard to up-close as the lens follows the couple’s exploits.

We then go to a storage room, where Ryan forces Brooklyn Lee into bobbing for apples. The pair engage in a number of hardcore sexual acts involving duct tape, a belt and Lee’s fishnet legwarmers before heading outside and subsequently into a pool.

Part III begins with Madison discovering an ashamed Chastity Lynn sitting alone in a closet. He pulls her out and the two sexually romp around various areas of their house, including the hallway and shower. The scene ends with Ryan placing Chastity back in the closet.

In the film’s fourth and final segment, XXX star Skin Diamond takes on the part of an African-American slave from the horse and buggy days who admits to enjoying the abusive actions of her master. Madison is shown whipping the servant with a burning belt buckle and later ties Diamond up in a shed to have his way with her. The actress is eventually unchained and the couple make their way to a bed before finishing the action on the floor. Diamond takes advantage of an exhausted Madison by choking him into unconsciousness with a belt and makes her escape by riding away on his horse.

The Get My Belt DVD set includes an entire disc of extras containing behind-the-scenes footage related to the making of the film, two photo galleries, a Q & A section and more.

Scene breakdown

Part 1 – “Oh, My God,” starring Chanel Preston

Part 2 – “Hold Your Breath,” starring Brooklyn Lee

Part 3 – “I’m Sorry,” starring Chastity Lynn

Part 4 – “Yes, Master,” starring Skin Diamond

You can visit the official Get My Belt website at and purchase the film via Kelly Madison’s online store here. For sales and distribution inquiries, please telephone Danny at 818-280-3700.

(Special thanks to Kelly and Ryan Madison)

Written by Adam Wilcox

June 3, 2013 at 1:01 pm

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  1. This DVD is great


    June 4, 2013 at 2:00 pm

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