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ATMLA Responds to Personal Performer Information Compromise

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166546_r3Both AVN and XBIZ today picked up a statement issued by Mark Schechter, owner of the ATMLA talent agency, in regard to a personal performer data compromise within the company originally reported by

“Recently, I was provided confidential information and proof that a performer data list was removed illegally from the ATMLA offices. Immediately after gaining knowledge, I authorized my attorney to take action to ensure that the list would not be inappropriately distributed. A settlement to that extent was being negotiated and discussed, but not yet signed and in force. Unfortunately, the party involved has involved another performer for the sole purpose of spreading information that potentially implicates themselves as well as anyone who has come into possession of this list.

“It’s unfortunate that these performers have involved themselves to this extent, I dont think they realize the seriousness of these actions, and I will not stop short of civil and criminal action against anyone who is involved in this scheme to tarnish the name and business of ATMLA of which I have recently purchased. These performers have personal vendettas against ATMLA for unknown reasons.

“ATMLA has commenced legal action today in order to protect each and every performer that is on the list. At this time, I am confident the person(s) involved have not committed what would be a cardinal sin and published any of this data publicly, they are simply trying to utilize from their own illegal actions a process that they feel will harm ATMLA, actions for which they will have to answer to in a court of law.”

Written by Adam Wilcox

August 9, 2013 at 9:46 pm

Posted in News

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