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DVD Recap: Real Life

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CompanyLogo_D37B1A6A-FEF8-11E2-B37D-DDC0656B3BE8Kelly Madison’s Pornfidelity company presents the inaugural Real Life, a two-disc DVD set featuring over five hours of candid adult escapades. Popular XXX performers Alex Chance, Brandi Love, Layla Rivera and Sarah Jessie join Kelly and her husband Ryan in four scenes of porn action.

Scene #1: “Real Life, Part One”

Sarah Jessie is feeling frisky after a good time drinking and getting high with Ryan. The pair begins their fun in the kitchen of a big, beautiful house before moving upstairs to the bedroom for more hardcore action.

Scene #2: “Real Life, Part Two”

The scene opens with Layla Rivera being filmed above the Madisons’ television set inside a large entertainment stand. Layla jumps down and the two clown around the house for a while before moving on to some erotic play. Ryan and Layla use the residence as their own sexual playground, romping around the shower, bedroom and backyard in addition to fitting in some more fun the next morning before Layla leaves.

Scene #3: “Real Life, Part Three”

Brandi Love is shown in the Madisons’ kitchen following a shoot and soon moves to a bedroom with Ryan. The next morning, Ryan finds her already awake and the two enjoy a day of football and sex before Brandi heads out.

Scene #4: “Real Life, Part Four”

Alex Chance joins the Madisons for a trip to the grocery store. Back home, the group enjoys a threesome before cooking dinner in the midst of more erotic antics. The scene concludes with Alex and Kelly heading off to bed.

The Real Life double DVD features a number of extras including behind-the-scenes footage, a Q & A section and more.

You can purchase Real Life via Kelly Madison’s official online store here.

(Special thanks to Ryan and Kelly Madison)

Written by Adam Wilcox

September 5, 2013 at 4:52 pm

Posted in Reviews

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