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Press Release: Moonlite Bunny Ranch Offers Anthony Weiner Position as Telecommunications Director

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103The voters of New York city may have rejected Anthony Weiner to be their next Mayor, but the working girls of the world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel ( are saying they “love Weiner”—and want to hire him as their new Telecommunications Director.

With Weiner’s attempted political comeback at an end, the constantly sexting and phone-sexing former-congressman is out-of-work with very few job prospects. But according to Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof, Weiner’s demonstrated X-rated cell-phone skills make him an ideal candidate to coach his working girls on their interactions with potential customers. Hof currently employs several hundred prostitutes at the seven legal brothels he owns throughout the state of Nevada.

Hof says that hi-technology communication has become an increasingly important tool in his adult entertainment business model, and knowing how to work new customers into high states of sexual excitement is key to being a financially successful courtesan.

“This guy has got a talent. He knows all the ins and outs of creating hot sex between two people just using a cell-phone—this can be used to a great advantage for my girls in attracting new clients,” asserts Hof.

The bordello baron also invited Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin to join her husband at the Bunny Ranch, noting that numerous other so-called “disgraced” celebs have found a home—and fame and fortune—working at the Bunny Ranch. Those have included John Wayne Bobbitt, Jack Gordon, and currently Liberace’s ex-lover Scott Thorson who is serving as the brothel mascot.

“Weiner broke no laws. All his sexting and phone-sexing was between consenting adults. His wife is standing by him–so the Bunny Ranch is waiting for him with open arms!” says Hof.

“But regardless of whether he takes us up on our offer or not, one thing I can guarantee–all the girls at the Bunny Ranch will always, always love Weiner!” cracked Hof.

Written by Adam Wilcox

September 16, 2013 at 9:04 am

Posted in Press Releases

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