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Mike Kulich’s Open Letter to the Adult Industry on Running for FSC Board of Directors

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mikeMost of you in the industry know who I am and for the ones that don’t, this letter is to familiarize yourself with who I am and why I will be running for the Board of Directors for the 2014 Free Speech Coalition.

My name is Mike Kulich, I am a Capricorn (not sure if that helps but it says on my daily horoscope we are good goal setters so that can’t hurt).

I have been in this business since 2004. Like a horny 18 year porn star, I dropped into the valley the day I turned 18, but not to flaunt my goods on camera, but to work on the business side. After a year of working for a smoke shop distributor, I went to my first AVN and met Scott Levine who was then the sales manager for IVD West. He hired me as a sales rep and I began my career selling catalog mixes. Eventually, I got fed up. I went to management and asked “when can I start selling the good stuff?” You know, the Jules Jordan, The Evil Angel, The Wicked, The Elegant Angel. I sat next to Jason Park and he trained me the ways of moving product and building relationships. I was with IVD for almost 4 years and it was a job that I was excited to get up for every morning and get to work. It has been that way ever since. I get in about the office at 6AM everyday and it has never gotten boring or strenuous. Even when DVD decreased over 70%, I still love what I do.

I have problems with what the industry has turned into. This business is supposed to be a family. We need to be there to support each other and as of today, the business is more divided as ever.

In terms of the people on the business side, I have indirectly or directly worked with everyone. I have directed, produced, distributed every almost studio’s product, worked with stores, production companies, talent, marketing, and in the 2 years since I started my own company, Monarchy Distribution, I have created a distribution pipeline for individual talent and internet content producers to create their own revenue stream and brands for themselves so they and their families can making a living.

I am only going to address one ongoing argument in this letter. More will come throughout the nomination and election process. The first one is LATATA, Talent, and Production companies fighting over testing costs. There needs to be a better way of going about adding an additional fee that we don’t know where it will really end up at the end of the day. One of the ideas I had is something has been done in the distribution arena for years. Product. STI Tests as I understand now are upwards of $170 and talent must test every 14 days bringing your testing fees a month to $340.00. You have to understand that studios these days are not floating around in money. When I started in 2005 before tube sites and rampant piracy I can guarantee you that if you asked a producer to cover your test they wouldn’t even question your request and probably even advance you the money for it. Unfortunately, It just isn’t that way anymore. Talent has the power. The average pornstar on twitter has over 40,000 followers. I propose that when a girl shoots a movie, she receives her test money in product. If you receive 15 DVD’s from the producer and sell them through an online store or through your twitter directly to your fans you can make even more than the $340 you paid for that month for your test in addition to building a stronger connection with your fans and creating a brand for yourself. It helps the studios out and it helps the talent out.

There are many issues to cover and I do not want to drag this letter out too long but I will end on this note.

I have spent almost a decade in this industry working in almost every facet of this business and it is difficult to find one person to say something negative about me. I have never screwed anyone over in a business deal and I work my hard to make sure whatever is done is in everyone’s best interest.

My office is located at

7230 Coldwater Canyon

North Hollywood, CA 91605

My phone number is 818-765-6400

I am here from 6:30AM – 5PM everyday Monday through Friday. I invite any member of the industry to stop by during these hours. My door will always be open to address any concerns from anyone from Steve Hirsch to Rob Black.

One last thing I want to address and implement is a monthly town hall meeting where every member of the industry is invited to attend. Talent, Producers, Studio Owners, Photographers, Videographers, EVERYONE. The only way to achieve our common goals is to sit together and work to move this industry forward. Not have twitter wars for the whole world to see which gives the impression to the rest of the world that we are an unorganized group of degenerates.

Therefore, with all that said, I, Mike Kulich of Monarchy Distribution have officially announced I will be running for the 2014 FSC Board of Directors. I will do everything in my power to represent this industry that I have spent my entire adult life working in and will always make my decisions in the best interest of you, my fellow colleagues.

Thank you.

Written by Adam Wilcox

November 4, 2013 at 12:07 pm

Posted in News

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