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All Media Play Press Release: Introducing Gaia

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!cid_image001_jpg@01CEB48F(Hollywood, CA) No hype is needed to describe the sexual prowess of rising porn starlet Gaia who like Cher and Madonna needs only one name. Born in Korea, the thirty-year-old is a director’s dream because she requires no instruction on the act of sex as her entire life is wrapped up with kinky thoughts and the desire to get laid.

“I’ve always been sexually active and I honestly can’t go an hour without thinking about having sex,” the tiny girl with the bombastic breasts said.

In fact, directors and producers are getting their money’s worth when they hire the Minnesota-raised exhibitionist for their movies. Following a particularly dirty sex scene for Hustler where she squirted like an angry rain cloud, Gaia was booked for a prime role in Adam & Eve Pictures’ Grease XXX a Parody directed by Will Ryder.

“I shot Gaia for Asian Sex Academy and she lit the joint on fire so when I needed a girl to play a super horny Rydell student and participate in a sizzling four-way sex scene, she was the first name that popped up,” Ryder remarked.

“Oh my God that scene in Grease was so hot I’m really proud to be in that movie,” Gaia recalled.

“I was super horny and my first scene was in this auto body shop where the greasers worked and we did it next to a beautiful blue 1950s Cadillac and on the dirty garage floor. I didn’t care who was fucking me I was just begging for dick and pussy.”

What made that shoot and Gaia’s performance extra special, was that following her sex scene, she packed her bags, received her check and began to say her goodbyes when suddenly she begged the director to allow her to have another sex scene before she took the long drive back to her home in Las Vegas where she also works as a dancer.

“Even after having group-sex for two hours I was still so horny so we ad-libbed a quick scene in the school hallway where this guy blew a load all over my face and in my hair. It was exactly what I needed before I got in my car and drove away.”

Gaia’s name does not mean slut in Korean but actually is a character from a series of teen novels she read called Fearless and this porn star is exactly that.

With only a select few Asian performers getting headlines, Gaia has quickly emerged as a magnificent sex performer ready and willing to participate in any sexual act. In fact on set the other day, the sexy brunette with the gorgeous butt-length straight dark hair was anally fisted during her scene with Dana DeArmond.

“Oh my God we didn’t even plan to fist but the sex was going so well and before I knew it she had worked all of her fingers in my butt and then her entire fist just slid in. It felt so good I loved it.”

Extreme sex is becoming somewhat of a sport for the Asian girl who spent her formative years battling extreme roof-top snow drifts and blistering wind chills in Minneapolis.

“I’m glad I don’t live in the cold anymore because I like to be naked,” Gaia remarked while relaxing over a Mocha Frappucino at Starbucks. “I’m a very physical person and if I’m not having sex I’m either stripping or boxing,” she confessed.

Boxing? Her toned body affirms the notion that she spends a lot of time in the gym where she actually works out under the tutelage of the world famous boxing trainer Roger Mayweather.

“I’ve been going to his gym now for a while and I really enjoy boxing because it’s almost like a sexual release for me even though I don’t have sex in the gym,” she joked.

The girl is quite serious having been licensed by USA Boxing for four years but she prefers training and sparring to competitive boxing for which she has a respectable fifty-fifty record.

“I prefer making love to girls and guys as opposed to beating them up,” she said with a smile before getting into her car to drive off to another adult movie set. “Oh did I tell you I’m doing my first gangbang as a Christmas present? Bye.”

With that, Gaia was off but when not in Los Angeles getting banged on camera, fans can find her dancing at Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas.

Currently represented by Adult Talent Managers Los Angeles for professional bookings, Gaia is active with her fans on twitter @gaialovescock. Fans can also chat with her on the telephone using Verified Call at

This is one sexy Asian girl that is eager to please but fully capable of knocking you out.

Written by Adam Wilcox

November 13, 2013 at 3:19 am

Posted in Press Releases

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