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I initially developed an interest in the adult entertainment industry after viewing an episode of E! True Hollywood Story in 1999 profiling Shannon Wilsey, a top porn starlet who performed under the stage name “Savannah” during the early-90s. Since then, I have enjoyed studying the business and find the people who comprise it fascinating – not only the on-camera performers, but also producers, directors and other executives. Many of them are beautiful and intriguing individuals with compelling stories who happen to work in an industry often frowned upon by a large portion of society (In my opinion, those who are generally misinformed or lack understanding of the trade).

I have a deep respect and appreciation for each and every one of these people.

Perhaps my attraction to the adult business is only natural given my affinity for things considered unusual or “outsider” by many people, such as professional wrestling, the occult and paranormal and gothic culture. In fact, as a near-lifelong wrestling fan, I have discovered a remarkable number of parallels between the grappling game and adult entertainment.

I decided to launch XXX Wasteland after producing several articles and interviews for industry news website Luke Is Back. While I certainly do not consider myself an expert in the porn profession, I am respectful, open-minded, eager to learn and have always enjoyed the study. I hope to use this blog as a way to gain further knowledge about the adult business and look forward to the ride ahead.

Whether you are a XXX performer, executive, fan, or writer, this page is dedicated to you. I hope to do you all proud.


Adam Wilcox

September 2010

Written by Adam Wilcox

September 1, 2010 at 9:43 pm

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