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DVD Recap: The Madisons’ MAD MAD Circus

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pf_mad_mad_circus_big_dvdKelly and Ryan Madison celebrate Pornfidelity’s 500th scene in untamed XXX style with the release of The Madisons’ MAD MAD Circus, a two-disc DVD set featuring a plethora of erotic starlets including Brooklyn Chase, Anikka Albrite, Christy Mack, Kendra Lust, Jacky Joy and Romi Rain.

The plot stars Kelly and Ryan (playing the role of both trusty sidekick Lester and Chester the Lion Tamer) as circus folk who embark on a cross-country adventure to launch their own festival. Along the way, the Madisons encounter a multitude of beautiful women, whom they proceed to incorporate into their sexual circus.

The film’s authenticity is enhanced by the use of live animals and trainers, as well as legitimate circus acts. Kelly Madison Productions proudly touts The Madisons’ MAD MAD Circus as the studio’s grandest undertaking ever.

“This was by far our largest production and most expensive as of yet,” Kelly says in the DVD’s insert flyer.

The Madisons’ MAD MAD Circus offers four scenes of fun eroticism, highlighted by an eight-performer group sex scene involving each talent featured in the film.

Scene Breakdown:

1. Girl/girl/girl with Kendra Lust, Christy Mack and Kelly Madison.

2. Boy/girl/girl/girl with Jacky Joy, Anikka Albrite and Kelly and Ryan Madison.

3. Eight-performer sex scene featuring each talent showcased in The Madisons’ MAD MAD Circus.

4. Boy/girl with Ryan and Kelly Madison.

The Madisons’ MAD MAD Circus double DVD includes a second disc of extras containing photo galleries, behind-the-scenes footage and a Q & A section.

You can purchase The Madisons’ MAD MAD Circus via Kelly Madison’s official online store here.

(Special thanks to Kelly and Ryan Madison)

Written by Adam Wilcox

October 20, 2013 at 2:09 pm

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DVD Recap: Real Life

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CompanyLogo_D37B1A6A-FEF8-11E2-B37D-DDC0656B3BE8Kelly Madison’s Pornfidelity company presents the inaugural Real Life, a two-disc DVD set featuring over five hours of candid adult escapades. Popular XXX performers Alex Chance, Brandi Love, Layla Rivera and Sarah Jessie join Kelly and her husband Ryan in four scenes of porn action.

Scene #1: “Real Life, Part One”

Sarah Jessie is feeling frisky after a good time drinking and getting high with Ryan. The pair begins their fun in the kitchen of a big, beautiful house before moving upstairs to the bedroom for more hardcore action.

Scene #2: “Real Life, Part Two”

The scene opens with Layla Rivera being filmed above the Madisons’ television set inside a large entertainment stand. Layla jumps down and the two clown around the house for a while before moving on to some erotic play. Ryan and Layla use the residence as their own sexual playground, romping around the shower, bedroom and backyard in addition to fitting in some more fun the next morning before Layla leaves.

Scene #3: “Real Life, Part Three”

Brandi Love is shown in the Madisons’ kitchen following a shoot and soon moves to a bedroom with Ryan. The next morning, Ryan finds her already awake and the two enjoy a day of football and sex before Brandi heads out.

Scene #4: “Real Life, Part Four”

Alex Chance joins the Madisons for a trip to the grocery store. Back home, the group enjoys a threesome before cooking dinner in the midst of more erotic antics. The scene concludes with Alex and Kelly heading off to bed.

The Real Life double DVD features a number of extras including behind-the-scenes footage, a Q & A section and more.

You can purchase Real Life via Kelly Madison’s official online store here.

(Special thanks to Ryan and Kelly Madison)

Written by Adam Wilcox

September 5, 2013 at 4:52 pm

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DVD Recap: Dark Perversions, Volume 2

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dark_perversions_2_big_dvdAs the subtitle promises, Kelly Madison Productions’ Dark Perversions, Volume 2 double-disc DVD further explores “The Darker Side of Pornfidelity” where the first installment of the series left off. Fan favorite Bonnie Rotten joins up-and-coming performers Casey Calvert, Alena Croft and Luna Kitsuen along with studio heads Kelly and Ryan Madison for over five hours of sinister XXX fun.

Scene #1: “Dead Girls Don’t Cry”

Named in conjunction with the worded tattoo adorning Bonnie Rotten’s abdominal area, this scene features the inked starlet in a distorted mental place where she is unable to distinguish reality from the mind’s eye. Ryan appears in front of Bonnie (whether authentically or in her head) as she is sitting in a dark room and the two engage in a number of sexual exploits.

Scene #2: “The White Room”

Luna Kitsuen is hanging out in a cemetery mourning the loss of her lover when Ryan shows up and abducts her, throwing the gothic-attired brunette in the trunk of his car. Ryan takes Luna back to the “White Room” for a wild and heated erotic session.

Scene #3: “Necromantic”

Casey Calvert decides to conduct a séance by herself, but gets more than she anticipated when an evil spirit named Ryan is accidentally summoned. At first, the apparition is sensually affectionate, but the antics quickly turn fiercely sexual. After pleasuring Casey with a massager, Ryan disappears as mysteriously as he materialized.

Scene #4: “Prey for Play”

Alena Croft attempts to flee from Ryan and Kelly Madison, but the couple finds her in the laundry room and decides to inflict “punishment” on their plaything in the form of some three-way sexual antics.

The Dark Perversions, Volume 2 DVD set contains a second disc of extras including behind-the-scenes footage, a POV fluffing cam and photo galleries.

You can purchase Dark Perversions, Volume 2 via Kelly Madison’s official online store here.

(Special thanks to Kelly and Ryan Madison)

Written by Adam Wilcox

September 5, 2013 at 2:45 pm

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DVD Recap: Born Flirty, Volume #2

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tf_born_flirty_2_big_dvdKelly Madison’s Porn Fidelity studio presents Born Flirty #2, the sequel to the company’s inaugural series release. The two-disc DVD features renowned male adult actor Ryan Madison in four scenes of sexual escapades with a number of XXX starlets, including the popular Madelyn Monroe and Cassandra Nix.

Scene #1: “Cum in a Teen”

Veronica Rodriguez arrives at Ryan’s house, where he meets her at the front door and the two immediately become physical on the porch. Back inside, a pair of stylists glam Veronica up for a photo shoot and she and Ryan (the photographer) end up having sex twice more, once on set and again in his office.

Scene #2: “Prom Night”

It’s prom night and Kelly Madison arrives to help Cassandra Nix and Madelyn Monroe get ready for the big evening. When the girls’ date Travis no-shows, Kelly suggests that Ryan accompany them to the dance and while taking pre-prom photos, the group ends up in a four-way romp. Travis arrives after all, and Cassandra and Madelyn hastily re-dress to meet him outside.

Scene #3: “Romantic Rub-Down”

Massage therapist Ryan begins to caress his client Kennedy Leigh and the session evolves into a variety of sexual exploits on the table.

Scene #4: “Teen Burning Romance”

Kira Sinn is shown preparing for an intimate afternoon with her man. Ryan arrives and the couple proceed to engage in a heated sexual episode in their living room.

The Born Flirty, Volume #2 DVD set contains a second full disc of extras including behind-the-scenes footage, photo galleries and a Q & A section.

You can purchase Born Flirty, Volume #2 via Kelly Madison’s official online store here.

(Special thanks to Kelly and Ryan Madison)

Written by Adam Wilcox

July 2, 2013 at 6:12 pm

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DVD Recap: Born Flirty, Volume #1

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tf_born_flirty_big_dvdThe first installment of Porn Fidelity’s Born Flirty series features Kelly Madison Productions’ Ryan Madison engaged in four hot sex scenes with a quartet of adult’s hottest starlets, including mega-fan favorites Riley Reid and Remy LaCroix.

Scene #1: “Sensual Sensation”

Pool boy Ryan notices a near-naked Riley Reid scoping him out on the job. She teases Ryan for a few minutes before inviting him into her outside bed, where the action proceeds.

Scene #2: “Hula Whore”

The ever hula-hooping Remy LaCroix bikes home, where she entertains herself with her favorite circular toy outside before heading up to her room. Remy calls Ryan, who arrives and raids the liquor cabinet. Upon making his way upstairs, Ryan finds Remy in her bed and the couple commence their fun.

Scene #3: “Tied Up Teen”

Ryan tells us that a certain starlet is back by popular demand. We then follow him upstairs, where Melanie Rios is tied to a bed. The two engage in a number of passionate sex acts, with Melanie both tied and untied.

Scene #4: “Skater Slut Fuck”

Ariana Fox falls while showing off her skateboarding skills in front of her neighbor Ryan’s house. Upon seeing her down, Ryan comes to Ariana’s aid with medical supplies. The girl kisses Ryan in appreciation, which quickly leads to a romp on his back lawn and the two eventually make their way inside and upstairs to a bedroom.

The Born Flirty, Volume #1 DVD set also includes a second full disc of extras featuring behind-the-scenes footage, a photo gallery and more.

You can purchase Born Flirty, Volume #1 via Kelly Madison’s official online store here.

(Special thanks to Kelly and Ryan Madison)

Written by Adam Wilcox

July 2, 2013 at 6:04 pm

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DVD Recap: Get My Belt

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getmybeltmoviefrontThis past May 22 saw the release of Get My Belt, the latest feature film two-disc DVD from Kelly Madison’s Porn Fidelity studio. The star-laden cast includes adult fan favorites Chanel Preston, Brooklyn Lee, Chastity Lynn and Skin Diamond pushing their sexual limits with male talent Ryan Madison acting as “Curator of Evil” in each of the four strap-oriented scenes.

Get My Belt’s opening scene features superstarlet Chanel Preston portraying a conflicted religious woman who proceeds to act out her extreme sexual fantasies with a Catholic priest. The two begin in a bathtub before eventually concluding the action in Preston’s bedroom. The camera angles here are impressively unique when rapidly switching from standard to up-close as the lens follows the couple’s exploits.

We then go to a storage room, where Ryan forces Brooklyn Lee into bobbing for apples. The pair engage in a number of hardcore sexual acts involving duct tape, a belt and Lee’s fishnet legwarmers before heading outside and subsequently into a pool.

Part III begins with Madison discovering an ashamed Chastity Lynn sitting alone in a closet. He pulls her out and the two sexually romp around various areas of their house, including the hallway and shower. The scene ends with Ryan placing Chastity back in the closet.

In the film’s fourth and final segment, XXX star Skin Diamond takes on the part of an African-American slave from the horse and buggy days who admits to enjoying the abusive actions of her master. Madison is shown whipping the servant with a burning belt buckle and later ties Diamond up in a shed to have his way with her. The actress is eventually unchained and the couple make their way to a bed before finishing the action on the floor. Diamond takes advantage of an exhausted Madison by choking him into unconsciousness with a belt and makes her escape by riding away on his horse.

The Get My Belt DVD set includes an entire disc of extras containing behind-the-scenes footage related to the making of the film, two photo galleries, a Q & A section and more.

Scene breakdown

Part 1 – “Oh, My God,” starring Chanel Preston

Part 2 – “Hold Your Breath,” starring Brooklyn Lee

Part 3 – “I’m Sorry,” starring Chastity Lynn

Part 4 – “Yes, Master,” starring Skin Diamond

You can visit the official Get My Belt website at and purchase the film via Kelly Madison’s online store here. For sales and distribution inquiries, please telephone Danny at 818-280-3700.

(Special thanks to Kelly and Ryan Madison)

Written by Adam Wilcox

June 3, 2013 at 1:01 pm

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The Right Hand Episode Recap Listing

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73569_453424511359384_1003363328_nThe Right Hand – the weekly reality program centered around Immoral Productions CEO Dan Leal and his adult film studio – recently wrapped a very entertaining second season. I have consolidated each of my Season Two episode recaps into this post, all of which can be found at the links below.

You can follow The Right Hand on Twitter under the handle @The_Right_Hand, “Like” the show’s Facebook page here and watch each Season Two episode via TMN on Demand.

The Right Hand  Episode Recap Listing

Episode 1: “Crash and Burn”

Episode 2: “Stud Boy Shazam”

Episode 3: “Entry Position”

Episode 4: “Can I Get the Czech, Please?”

Episode 5: “Funny Monkey Games”

Episode 6: “You Have the Right to Be Naughty”

Episode 7: “Wasaga”

Episode 8: “Uncle Dan and Mr. Chris”

Episode 9: “The French Connection”

Episode 10: “’Porno’ Dan vs. The Parody”

Written by Adam Wilcox

December 11, 2012 at 2:00 pm

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